Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e: Fully electric and full performance

The EZ17e is the first fully electric Zero Tail mini-excavator without rear projection. Due to its zero emissions, it is ideal for indoor applications, as well as in areas where exhaust emissions and noise are restricted. Thanks to the powerful lithium ion battery, it can be used for a typical workday and, if necessary, continue to be used in stationary operation connected to a power source. Due to its patented battery technology with integrated battery heating, the unit can be charged at any power source (100 to 415 volts). This can be done without additional extra work being required and independently of the ambient temperature.

Charging at the socket ot the EZ17e

Patented battery technology

  • The EZ17e scores points with a long battery life thanks to an output of 23.4 kWh and the patented maintenance-free battery system. The modern lithium ion battery with integrated heater allows charging regardless of the ambient temperature and delivers power for an average workday.
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

Reduced maintenance and service costs

  • Wacker Neuson electric construction machines are low-maintenance and powerful. Service costs are reduced to a minimum. The battery is maintenance-free. Likewise, the typical maintenance work on conventional machines is eliminated, such as changing engine oil and filters and the associated service material costs.
Demolition work with a hydraulic hammer on the EZ17e indoors

No exhaust emissions, clearly less noise

  • The operator is not exposed to any exhaust emissions and is exposed to clearly less noise pollution. Therefore, the excavator is ideal for use in trenches, tunnels, and interior spaces. Work is more comfortable and healthier for both the operator and their environment, than with fuel-operated equipment.
The charge capacity of the battery is shown on the 7

Intuitive operating concept

  • The intuitive operating concept enables simple and comprehensive control of the excavator. The machine is operated using a joystick, jog dial and keypad. This makes accessing attachment and oil level settings for the additional control circuits quick and easy.
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

100% zero tail

  • Sometimes less is more, especially in tight spaces. The excavator has no rear overhang and is ideally suited for working directly alongside walls and obstructions.

More Features

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

2 travel speeds

  • The excavator is equipped with a second travel speed level as standard. This way, it can quickly switch positions on the construction site, saving valuable time.
Charging at the socket ot the EZ17e

Flexible energy supply

  • The EZ17e has an intelligent charge management. The design: flexible energy supply. The excavator can be selectively operated in battery mode or with a connection to the mains. In the latter mode, the battery is even simultaneously charged. A domestic socket or a mains power connection for fast charging? Possible with both.
Interior renovations with the EZ17e

LED work lights

  • Optimum illumination enhances safety around the work area and provides a higher utilization of the machine at night or in poor lighting conditions. The LED technology also offers longer service life of the fixtures
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

Canopy can be easily disassembled

  • The easy disassembly of the canopy allows optimal maintenance access. On the construction site too, low passage heights can be overcome quickly by disassembling it and reassembling for safe operation.
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

Thermal resistance

  • The excavator can work under full load up to an ambient temperature of 45°C/113°F. The stable temperature level results in a longer service life for the hydraulic components and increases productivity.
  • Lower temperature level - longer life, work without loss of performance.
Demolition work with a hydraulic hammer on the EZ17e indoors

Powerful drive system with LUDV

  • The powerful drive system combines with a load-sensing hydraulic system (LUDV) to deliver quick working cycles, greater application flexibility, and easier control for comfortable and fatigue-free operation of the excavator. No matter what the load to be moved, the control movements on the joystick stay the same. Along with increased operating comfort, this results in a performance plus, while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ17e

Hydraulic telescopic travel gear with dozer blade extension

  • The hydraulically telescoped travel gear with a max. outer width of 1300 mm gives stability. In no time, it can be retracted to a width of 990 mm. With the foldable dozer blade extension, this makes individual adjustment to the job site conditions possible. Meanwhile, the extension elements are always connected to the machine and thus do not get lost.
The charge capacity of the battery is shown on the 7

Large 7-inch full color display

  • All important information, for example the charge level of the battery, is clearly shown on the 7-inch full color display. There is also the new option of operating the quick coupler system via the display, no longer via the dozer blade lever.

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