SM60 in action.

Utility Track Loader SM60: Do More with Less

The SM60 is comfortable for operators, while maintaining its trim and compact profile, utilizing its wide spring suspension for both enhanced comfort as well as enhanced stability. In addition, the SM60 utilizes a gas motor for DIY home owners and landscape contractors who use gas motor powered lawnmowers. With a purpose designed lift capacity and high hinge pin, the SM60 excels at loading onto high sided trucks and dumpsters,

Utility Track Loader SM60

Compact Design

  • The overall machine width of 902mm fits through doorways, gates and other tight spaces.
  • The overall narrow width allows the machine to access urban areas and smaller yards while the light weight (1.220 kg) makes it easy to transport.
Utility Track Loader SM60

Industry Leading Safety Features

  • Operator presence pedal & hydraulic function lockouts prevent accidental movement of lift arm and drive functions
Utility Track Loader SM60

All Day Comfort

  • Large, spring-suspended operator platform provides comfort and a stable base for the operator.
  • Fine tuned, forward angled joysticks, position the operator’s hands in a neutral position to reduce fatigue.
  • Plush padding provides comfort and stability; Additional creature comforts include a cup holder, 12v charging port and storage compartment.

More Features

Utility Track Loader SM60

Professional Grade Undercarriage

  • Durable undercarriage reduces maintenance costs and Total Cost of Ownership through innovative design and quick maintenance.
  • Sealed idlers and triple flanged rollers provide added surface area and engagement to reduce wear and de-tracking.
  • Simple, easy access jacking screw with lock nut makes tensioning tracks stress-free.
Utility Track Loader SM60

Premium Performance

  • The SM60 is powered by a 19,8kW Kohler gasoline engine providing high torque and a flat power curve to enhance productivity through fast cycling times and expectational pushing power.
  • 47,2 lpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow is available to power a wide variety of money saving attachments.
Utility Track Loader SM60

Built Tough

  • Internal fuel and hydraulic oil tanks are protected from damage.
  • Angled unibody chassis design sheds debris, reducing wear & tear.

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