Tracked conventional excavator ET08
A1 Height ROPS 2,261 mm
A2 Height 1,427 mm
B Width of upper carriage 730 mm
B Width travel gear retracted 700 mm
B Width travel gear extended 860 mm
C Transport length 2,828 mm
D Digging depth max. 1,763 mm
E Piercing depth max. 1,320 mm
F Piercing height max. 2,863 mm
G Dumping height max. 2,012 mm
H Digging radius max. 3,090 mm
I Max. reach at ground level 3,028 mm
J Tail swing radius 747 mm
K1 Boom offset max. (to center of bucket left side) 245 mm
K2 Boom offset max. (to center of bucket right side) 283 mm
L Stacking height max. (dozer blade above surface) 194 mm
M Digging depth max. (dozer blade below surface) 178 mm
N Length travel drive 1,220 mm
O1 Boom swing radius left 55 °
O2 Boom swing radius right 56 °

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