Light Towers LTV

Light Towers LTV: Compact Vertical Mast - Versatile light towers deliver exceptional lighting

The LTV4L and LTV6L light towers combine the features and performance of traditional light towers in a small footprint. They are ideally suited for illuminating general job sites, site prep, concrete pours, specialty events, parking lots, road work and bridge work. The adjustable vertical mast extends 23 feet and can rotate 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility.

Light Towers LTV

Telescopic Vertical Mast

  • The compact telescopic vertical mast design reduces storage and transportation area, improving logistics efficiencies.
  • Manual, dual handle winch enables quick raising and lowering of mast.
Light Towers LTV

Efficient Transportation

  • A central lifting eye makes positioning easy, while the foldable tongue reduces machine footprint, allowing 18 units to fit in a 15-Meter flatbed trailer.
Light Towers LTV

Extended 1,000 Hour Service Interval

  • 1,000 hour oil change interval means more time working and less time servicing, reducing total cost ownership.

More Features

Light Towers LTV

Heavy Duty Trailer

  • DOT certified trailer with wide wheel base makes for easy transportation and placement on the jobsite.

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