ET75 in action on job site

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET75: durable and powerful

Constructed of high-grade steel and other quality, heavy-duty components for extreme durability. Other impressive features of the ET75 include high stability, increased lift capacity and an optional dozer blade. The large diesel tank allows for longer working times between refueling and ensures better performance.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET75

Optimal maintenance access

  • The high productivity of our excavators is not just due to the durable technology. Most service work can be completed in a short time due to quick and easily accessible maintenance points.
Optimized engine-pump management

Optimized hydraulics or engine-pump management

  • An optimized drive concept of the latest generation enables precise, fast, and efficient work. The electronically controlled hydraulic pump permanently adapts the required hydraulic power to the available power of the diesel engine, taking into account the operating conditions.

More Features

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET75

Display, 3.5''

  • Multifunction display for machine monitoring and status display, and the option of adjustable and programmable flow rates for the additional control circuits.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET75

USB port

  • Combined with a radio, the option of convenient cellphone charging is available.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET75

Very good all-round visibility

  • The design of the machine has been specially adapted to the needs of the operator in terms of optimum visibility. For example, the right front track is very visible in the normal sitting position, which significantly increases safety for the operator and the surrounding area.
  • Everything in view - ideal view of the attachment and of the right front track as well as the side and partial rear section of the machine

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