Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ28

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ28: designed for construction site champions

The EZ28 compact excavator offers a modern design, flexibility and operator-friendliness. Heading to the next job site with a trailer? No problem – the low weight allows transport, including an attachment with a 3.5-metric ton trailer. The EZ28 offers an ergonomic workplace with joystick mount, a wide cab entry and well-placed operating and display elements.

EZ28 zero tail

Zero Tail

  • When space is limited: Pivot safely, even in the tightest of spaces or right next to the wall - with the Zerotail excavator without rear overhang, no problem.
  • Optimal working in limited working conditions, high maneuverability and time savings are guaranteed.
Easily disassembled canopy

Canopy can be easily disassembled

  • The easy disassembly of the canopy allows optimal maintenance access. On the construction site too, low passage heights can be overcome quickly by disassembling it and reassembling for safe operation.

More Features

Easy service and maintenance access

Easy service and maintenance access

  • Easy service, thanks to wide-opening engine hood, allows easy access to all parts.
  • No disassembly of heavy parts necessary, additional easily replaceable wear parts.
  • Quick and unrestricted access. Hydraulic and engine oil filters, air filter, water separator and also the tank filler neck are ideally accessible. Low service costs.

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