Mobile Generator G50

Mobile Generator G50: Prime power mobile generator, 38 kW/47.6 kVA, Kohler engine, ideal for wherever reliable, quiet power is needed

The G50 offers the perfect power solution where single and three phase power are needed for construction commercial, industrial and special event applications. The sound-attenuated generator provides quiet operation and large fuel tank offers long run times, making it a flexible and reliable choice. Low cost of ownership and longer uptime due to service efficiency, better fuel economy and longer service intervals.

Mobile Generator G50

Deep Sea 7310 Controller

  • Heated display for cold weather conditions.
  • Auto function for customizable start up and shut down
  • Service reminder means maintenance is never forgotten
Mobile Generator G50

Kohler KDI Engine

  • No SCR or DPF. A DOC is used to convert C0, hydrocarbons, and NOx into H2O and CO2.
  • 4 year / 4,000 hour Kohler engine warranty.
Mobile Generator G50

Powerful and Precise Alternator

  • Class H insulation and separate excitation winding can handle heavier loads and hotter temperature.
  • fine tune voltage adjustment knob allows for fine tuning of voltage output.
  • Voltage selector switch allows for 120/240V, 208/240V, 277/480V settings.

More Features

Mobile Generator G50


  • Removable doors make maintenance quick and easy.
  • Control panel door swings open for easy access to AVR and wiring.
  • 2 year / unlimited hour machine warranty | 4 year / 4,000 hour Kohler engine warranty.
Mobile Generator G50

Fuel Tank and Containment

  • 110% fluid containment protects the environment in the event of engine fluid or fuel tank leaks.
  • light weight, polymer fuel tank is rust proof and easier to tow and transport.
  • CSA certified for Canadian applications.
Mobile Generator G50

Operator Convenience

  • Standard cabinet light and remote start contacts provide easy visibility and customized starting/stopping.
  • Optional telematics allows the operator/owner of the machine to monitor parameters and location.
  • Optional fuel quick disconnects and camlocks allow for quick and easy connections to external fuel tanks and electrical components.
Mobile Generator G50

Cold Weather Options

  • Block heater and fuel filter heater keep the engine and fluids warm to allow for easy starting.
  • 1000 CCA battery and battery charger ensure the machine always starts.
  • Variable speed fan keeps warm air in the cabinet when the machine is cold and not up to operating temperature.
Mobile Generator G50

Operator Safety

  • Lug door safety switch cuts voltage to the electrical lugs when the lug door is opened in order to prevent operator injury.
  • Emergency stop button is highly visible and easily accessible to keep the operator, the environment, and others safe in the event of an emergency.
  • Battery disconnect allows for battery voltage to be fully disconnected from the rest of the machine to eliminate parasitic draw and residual voltage.

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