Battery One at Wacker Neuson

With the Battery One battery system, you can operate all our battery-powered construction equipment. Battery One is a simple and standardized system. The battery fits not only all battery-electric equipment by Wacker Neuson, but also construction equipment from other manufacturers.

The Battery One battery offers many advantages: you save costs on equipment and infrastructure, reduce emissions on the construction site and benefit from a high performance efficiency and battery range. It also simplifies your job site operations, as you only need one battery and charging system. With the Battery One battery, you are equipped for the future.


The advantages of the Battery One battery

  • Today, Wacker Neuson already offers over ten types of construction equipment compatible with the Battery One battery.
  • One battery charge is sufficient for a full workday - without recharging or replacement battery.
  • The battery can be changed quickly and easily, even between different machines.

Our compatible products:



Frequently asked questions

What is Battery One?

What makes Battery One so special?

How can the battery be transported?

Which battery types are available?

How long is the battery running time?

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