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WL36 - Optimum power and fuel economy

WL 36 - Einsatz
WL 36 - Einsatz
WL 36 - Einsatz
WL 36 - Einsatz
The WL 36 is equipped with a powerful 48HP diesel engine. The operator’s station isergonomically laid out for comfort andconvenience. The low effort multifunctionaljoystick with integrated auxiliary controls allowsfor easy attachment operation. Also standard isa heating and air conditioning system thatprovides for a perfect working climate duringall seasons.
  • 100% on demand differential lock provides the operator with superior traction in wet conditions or when drivinginto a pile of material.
  • PZ kinematics system ensures that power and speed are always optimum when raising and loweringthe lift arms.
  • Excellent all around visibility provides a clear view to the attachments and the entire working area.
  • Universal skid steer attachment mounting plate makes this machine an ideal tool carrier for all jobs.
  • Excellent service access with tiltable cab and engine hood that opens 90 degrees, allowing full access to allengine and hydraulic components.
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