4 Stroke Rammers

 4-stroke Rammers

4-stroke Rammers: Outstanding work performance and long service life

Wacker Neuson's 4 stroke rammers characterized by excellent work performance. The long shoe stroke, the high ramming frequency, high impact energy and fast travel speed ensure first-class work results. Well thought-out functions make the use of the 4 stroke rammers even more operator-friendly, extend their service life, and minimize maintenance.

 4-stroke Rammers

Large stroke, high impact force

  • With their great lift height and high impact force, the 4 stroke rammers guarantee efficient work results.
 4-stroke Rammers

Just one lever for starting, idling and stopping

  • The vibratory rammer can be operated very comfortably using just one lever. The choke is integrated in the lever.
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Efficient air filter

  • With its large filter area, the air filter provides a very reliable filter efficiency with high capacity and thus a continuously high engine output.
  • The air cleaner housing is designed to keep dirt from falling into the air intake area when removing the filter. This protects the engine from dirt entering during maintenance.
  • The air cleaner cover must be opened with a tool: This should prevent the cover from being opened on a dusty construction site or the filter from being completely removed by the operator to work faster. Requiring the use of a tool should ensure that the vibratory rammer is brought to the workshop for air cleaner service.
4-stroke rammer BS68-4

Ergonomic guide handle

  • In the grip area of the guide handle it has an angled shape. This enables an ergonomic hold, which relieves the wrists.
4-stroke rammer BS68-4

Low oil warning indicator

  • When the engine is started with low oil, an LED lights up to indicate low oil.

More Features

 4-stroke Rammers

Honda engine

  • The four-stroke rammers are equipped with high-quality, high-performance Honda engines.
  • Honda has an international presence, so spare parts are readily available.
4-stroke rammer BS68-4

Large, sturdy lifting eye

  • The large, sturdy lifting eye makes transportation easier.


  • EquipTrack enables the complete and precise collection of operational data via a Bluetooth module for more efficient and more transparent processes on the construction site.
  • EquipTrack can be easily installed on the device, it is even possible to retrofit it without any problems.
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