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DPU90r Technical specifications

Operating data 

Operating weight  1,596 lb
Centrifugal force  20,233 lbf
Base plate width  30 in
Base plate length  47 in
Base plate thickness  0.6 in
Height (ground clearance) 33 in
Operating width  30 in
Frequency  63 Hz
Advance travel max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) 91.8 ft/min
Surface capacity max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) 13,929 ft²/h

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  Water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Kohler
Engine / Motor  KDW702-3350 US
Displacement  41.8 in³
Engine performance max. (DIN ISO 3046 IFN) 15.7 hp
at rpm  3,600 rpm
Engine performance (rated power) (DIN ISO 3046 IFN) 10.7 kW
at rpm  3,350 rpm
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046 IFN) 13.1 hp
at rpm  3,350 rpm
Fuel consumption  0.7 US gal/h
Fuel tank capacity  1.87 US gal
Permissible tilt  25 °
Power transmission  Hydrostatic
Fuel type  Diesel
CO2 (NRSC) * 905 g/kW-hr
Further model variants are freely configurable:- operating width: 670 mm oder 770 mm- steering: with remote control or center pole (see DPU90)*Determined value of the CO2 emission during engine certification without consideration of the application on the machine.Available options:- overload protection sensor incl. shutdown or warning option at machine overload- Compatec: compaction degree feedback control incl. overload protection sensor

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