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A few minutes with Johannes Schulze Vohren, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, North America

Johannes Schulze Vohren has been with Wacker Neuson since 1994 and has held a variety of management positions within the company including sales and product support for the US and international markets, business systems and information technology and logistics. Most recently, he was appointed executive vice president and is responsible for sales, marketing, aftermarket and logistics activities for the US and Canada.

What is new at Wacker Neuson?

Wacker Neuson counts on a global organizational structure with regional responsibility. We have various regions worldwide each of which is focused on its own distribution strategy for the individual local customers' needs. The focus is on providing local customers products and solution that best fit local market needs. Some of our newer intiatives include growing our contractor dealer network and our aftermarket organization and of course the continual addition of new and innovative products.

What do you think people think of Wacker Neuson?

The Wacker name has been synonymous with the rammer or as the "rammer company" for over 60 years in the United States. When I meet people in the industry, I routinely hear about the "Wacker Packer". Yes, compaction products have been at the core of Wacker Neuson's offering for many years and still continues to be important to our product portfolio. What many people in the industry may not realize though, is that Wacker Neuson has become something bigger and is much more than a producer of equipment. We have an expansive product portfolio ranging from small sump pumps and portable generators to ride-on concrete trowels, mobile generators and 14-ton excavators and 9-ton dumpers. A large number of our products are manufactred right here in the United States at our Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin plant.

What is your favorite piece of equipment and why?

With over 300 product groups, it is difficult to pick a favorite, but if I have to narrow it down I would consider wheel loader and dumpers are my favorites. Okay, I know that is two, but our teams have created new markets with them. Today, many golf courses cannot imagine life without a dumper. Many cemeteries, inluding Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC rely on them daily in their operations. Key to the success of the dumper has been its maneuverability in confined spaces while delivering tremendous hauling capacity. Wheel loaders are being discovered as a cost efficient way to handle snow removal, many landscaping and agricultural tasks. Our current initiative is to introduce all-wheel steer wheel loaders as a very cost effective multi-tool carrier into general construction. For me it is exceedlingly exciting to introduce better, more effiicent ways to get the job done. Many years ago, Wacker Neuson introduced the reversible plate and articulated trench roller to the North American market. These products today are staples on every job site. I am convinced that soon we will achieve the same with compact wheel loaders and dumpers.

What so you like best about your current position?

Working daily with dealers and providing opportunities for them to profit with quality equipment from a quality brand. Our company has grown rapidly over the last few years and this growth provides new opportunities for our dealers to expand their business. Working with our employees and seeing their enthusiasm and dedication to making our dealers and our company successful, however is the most rewarding part of my current position. Helping them make our company successful in growing a strong and profitable distribution network is my highest priority.

What is your vision of the company going forward?

Our partnership with dealers is the foundation for growth in the market. The strength of our distribution network and our ability to provide a diverse portfolio is what currently sets us apart. We will continue to develop innovative, reliable, performance-driven solutions and the equipment to support a variety of applications across different industries.

About Johannes Schulze Vohren

Johannes Schulze Vohren was born in Warendorf (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany but has called the United States home since 1984. He relocated to the United States to Madison, WI as part of a work study program. Before starting his career at Wacker Neuson, Johannes worked in consulting and in international sales at Case IH and Tenneco Automotive. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife, son and hiking with his two collies.