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Three questions about ... dual power

Why has Wacker Neuson developed a dual drive with an external drive unit?

Devices with zero-emissions are mainly used in enclosed spaces and are normally small and agile. The machines must reach their point of use through narrow doors and be very maneuverable in use. In multi-floor buildings, low ground pressure is highly important due to the floor load.

Based on these requirements we developed a concept whereby the machine’s dimensions remain unchanged, the machine’s weight remains as constant as possible, and the machine's handling is not adversely affected by changing the center of gravity or its working movements.

This produced the dual power concept, which is available as an option on the 803 mini-excavator. In emission-free operation, it is driven by the HPU8 electro-hydraulic unit. In order to transport the drive unit as simply as possible, the HPU8 unit can be suspended into two holes on the dozer blade. In this way, the operator can drive using conventional operation to the place of use taking the drive unit along.

What is the make up of the dual power option?

The dual power option consists of the 803 compact excavator into which the corresponding hydraulic connection options are installed for connection of the electro-hydraulic drive unit HPU8. The drive unit can thus be connected to the undercarriage of the excavator in just a few steps.

Why is the option interesting for rental companies?

The range of uses for the smallest Wacker Neuson 803 excavator is significantly extended by the dual power option as the equipment can be used in conventional diesel mode without restrictions and can also be used in situations where only emissionfree work is possible.

This greater flexibility in use means that the machine is utilized more. Companies which only occasionally perform emission-free work and have a 803 dual power excavator can simply rent the HPU8 drive unit as and when needed. The HPU8 unit can be used with all 803 excavators fitted with the dual power option.

Compact excavator 803 Dual power option integrated in the compact excavator Electro-hydraulic unit HPU8 In addition to the existing diesel engine, the compact excavator can be operated emission-free via an electro-hydraulic unit.