Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ26

Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ26: Powerful all-rounder

The EZ26 guarantees flexibility and user-friendliness with high performance features. The low weight allows transport, including of attachments, by car trailer. The wide field of vision around the machine from the cab increases the safety of the operator and the construction site environment. It also ensures constant control of the working environment. The simultaneously high performance and high operating comfort thanks to the wide access, jog-dial operating system and clear machine display make the EZ26 a feel-good zone for the operator.

EZ26 trailer transportation

Easy transport by car trailer

  • With the car trailer to the next construction site? No problem - the low weight allows transport incl. attachment tools by means of a 3.5 t trailer.
EZ26 in Action

Zero Tail

  • When space is limited: Pivot safely, even in the tightest of spaces or right next to the wall - with the Zerotail excavator without rear overhang, no problem.
  • Optimal working in limited working conditions, high maneuverability and time savings are guaranteed.
autostop function

Auto-stop function

  • To avoid unnecessary diesel consumption, or to reduce the operating hours of the machine, it is possible for the operator to activate the Auto-Stop function. This reduces fuel consumption and protects the environment. Furthermore, unnecessary operating hours and service costs are avoided, and as a result the resale value of the machine is increased.
EZ26 in Action

Optimized hydraulics or engine-pump management

  • An optimized drive concept of the latest generation enables precise, fast, and efficient work. The electronically controlled hydraulic pump permanently adapts the required hydraulic power to the available power of the diesel engine, taking into account the operating conditions.

More Features

EZ26 autoidle

Auto idling system

  • The automatic RPM speed reduces fuel consumption and emissions to a minimum, by automatically throttling down to idling speed if no control elements are actuated for longer than five seconds.
DW30 in action

Large ergonomic comfort cab

  • The ergonomically optimized comfort cab offers very good 360° visibility, plenty of legroom and headroom and a wide entry. This promotes a high level of safety and flexibility in the work space, adjusted to the individual needs of the operator.
EZ26 air conditioning

Air-conditioning system

  • The air conditioning system ensures a pleasant and constant temperature at the workplace. This can be individually adjusted manually with the fan.
EZ26 pressure relief

Automatic pressure release

  • When the button for the quickhitch system is operated, the hydraulics are automatically de-pressurized and the tool change can be carried out without resistance.
  • Manual pressure release or problems when coupling the tool are now a thing of the past.
adjustable seat

Adjustable driver's seat

  • Ergonomically correct is always individual: The driver's seat has the following adjustment options: Forward and backward, forward and backward with left console for constant distance between driver and instruments, seat height, adjustment to driver's weight, backrest adjustability. Simple and adjustable armrest settings. This enables an ergonomically correct sitting position for long, fatigue-free driving with the excavator.
EZ26 lashing roes

6 large tie-downs

  • Transport with total ease. Light and safe transport with 6 large tie-downs on the vehicle chassis.
  • The eyelets are perfectly placed for secure attachment of the machine and they are also suitable for large hooks.
EZ26 joysticks

Hydraulic joystick operation

  • The ergonomic and sturdy joysticks, which work completely proportionally, expand the functions and possibilities for controlling the excavator. The operator can carry out movements more precisely and work with increased concentration.
EZ26 storage places

Lots of storage compartments, including cellphone holder

  • Perfectly placed storage compartments ensure order and security against objects falling around, Includes a mobile phone holder.
EZ26 front whield system

Innovative two-part front windshield system

  • An innovative front windshield enhances working comfort with greater ventilation and makes communication between operators and others on the job site easier. When closed, windows are waterproof and windproof. The upper front window can be slid under the cab roof, where it is stored safely. The lower pane serves as a protection to the operator, in particular when using breaker.
EZ26 in Action

Load Sensing Flow Sharing

  • Load Sensing Flow Sharing enables precise and efficient control of the excavator. The machine adjusts to the load and the joystick movements are always kept the same for the operator.
  • The hydraulics work more efficiently, saving energy and ultimately costs. But it also makes operation easier for the operator.
  • Load-sensing systems help to regulate the flow rate according to demand. The less power is used, the lower the fuel consumption.
EZ26 hydraulic connection

Up to 6 additional control circuits ex work

  • With up to 6 auxiliary control circuits available, a wide variety of attachments can be used on the machine. This increases the utilization enormously and maximizes the application areas.
EZ26 JogDial system

Jog dial

  • The jog dial system, familiar from the automotive area, including a clear display, allows intuitive selection of the right operating settings via a press-push button as well as various settings via a keypad. ECO mode is the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work; HI mode stands for maximum pump performance and fast, powerful work and LOW mode for extremely precise, sensitive work.
Tracked Zero Tail Excavator EZ26

Thermal resistance

  • The excavator can work under full load up to an ambient temperature of 45°C/113°F. The stable temperature level results in a longer service life for the hydraulic components and increases productivity.
  • Lower temperature level - longer life, work without loss of performance.
EZ26 service access

Easy service and maintenance access

  • Easy service, thanks to wide-opening engine hood, allows easy access to all parts.
  • No disassembly of heavy parts necessary, additional easily replaceable wear parts.
  • Quick and unrestricted access. Hydraulic and engine oil filters, air filter, water separator and also the tank filler neck are ideally accessible. Low service costs.
EZ26 rubber track

Dirt-repellent travel gear

  • Less dirt is accumulated in the slanted travel gear box and, due to its special method of construction, it is also easier to clean.
Flexible piston rod protector EZ26

Flexible cylinder rod protection

  • The cylinders and the cylinder rods are protected from damage thanks to the plastic rails, which lengthens their service life and saves costs. Due to their flexible material, they return to their original shape after an impact. Their appearance and characteristics are completely retained.
EZ26 swivel console

Hose guidance by swiveling bracket

  • Optimum hose routing through the swiveling bracket provides the best possible protection for the hoses against external influences, which extends their service life. The field of vision is not restricted and abrasion of the hoses is significantly reduced.
EZ26 lifting lugs

2 lifting lugs on the roof

  • The machine can be moved on the construction site very easily without problems using a crane. Also, loading and unloading the excavator from the truck can be done quickly.
Small dimensions of the EZ26

Compact dimensions

  • High level of safety during transportation, cost and time savings. The excavator scores points with a low entry height and reduced external dimensions due to the intelligent component arrangement, providing higher stability thanks to the low center of gravity.
  • Whether during transportation or in tight spaces: thanks to its compact design, the excavator can easily be taken to your next job site. And on the construction site, the machine can maneuver anywhere easily and quickly, even in confined spaces - for high efficiency in every application.
EZ26 overload warning

Overload warning device Advanced - including hose burst protection

  • The lifting arm and dipper stick cylinders are equipped with hose rupture valves. In the event of a hose rupture, both cylinders are held in the last position, which prevents a sudden descent. A warning device additionally informs the operator about a possible overload so that he can react quickly to prevent possibly tipping over.

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