Tracked Conventional Excavator ET66

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET66: perfectly combining economic efficiency, power and durability

With the well-balanced LUDV hydraulic system, ET66 is best equipped for every application and every requirement. The ET66 offers different attachments based on requirement. Large rear flaps and side doors as well as quick spare part procurement make the maintenance and service easy.

Powerful drive system with LUDV

Powerful drive system with LUDV

  • The powerful drive system combines with a load-sensing hydraulic system (LUDV) to deliver quick working cycles, greater application flexibility, and easier control for comfortable and fatigue-free operation of the excavator. No matter what the load to be moved, the control movements on the joystick stay the same. Along with increased operating comfort, this results in a performance plus, while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.
High degree of digging power

High degree of digging power

  • Exceptional digging power during excavation work saves time and money.
Optimal maintenance access

Optimal maintenance access

  • Service and maintenance are fast and easy, due to the extra large engine hood with large metal covers and convenient access to spare parts.
Optionally two direction是 pressureless return flow


  • The auxiliary hydraulics offer the possibility of using a powerful hydraulic breaker as well as converting to a swivel bucket or soil auger.
  • Choice of two movement directions or one with changeover for pressureless return
Optimized engine-pump management

Optimized hydraulics or engine-pump management

  • An optimized drive concept of the latest generation enables precise, fast, and efficient work. The electronically controlled hydraulic pump permanently adapts the required hydraulic power to the available power of the diesel engine, taking into account the operating conditions.

More Features

FOPS protective gratings

FOPS protective grating (class 1)

  • This visibility-optimized, durable cab guard provides even greater operator safety and reduces the likelihood of damage from falling objects.
Optimized hydraulics or engine

High-performance diesel engine

  • The powerful diesel engine with ECU controller ensures power and performance of the machine in its area of application. Requiring minimal maintenance, it fulfills exhaust emission guidelines with little effort.
Innovative front windshield system

Innovative front windshield system

  • The windshield can be adjusted, depending on job site conditions. Closed, they are water- and wind-proof. The upper front window can be pushed under the cab roof. The lower pane serves as splash protection.
  • The upper disc can be tilted to ensure comfortable ventilation without compromising safety.
  • The two-part front window allows for optimal cab ventilation in any weather. In addition, it makes it easier to communicate with the operator. Removal and storage of the cab window is a thing of the past. Significantly lowering the risk of damage or loss, while providing a higher level of operating comfort.
Excellent ballast weight

Ballast weight

  • A cast iron counterweight increases the stability of the excavator. Even with heavy load, the machine is secure in most job site ground conditions. Along with this safety function, larger force can be used which will increase the efficiency.
  • Even with heavy load, the machine is secure in most job site ground conditions with the use of an optional rear counterweight. This weighs down the machine at the back-side, to balance heavy loads, for greater load capacity on the arm.
High cabin comfort

High cab comfort with excellent ergonomics and air-conditioning system

  • The intuitive operating concept allows for the simple and comprehensive control of the excavator. The machine is operated using a joystick and 3.5-inch display. The well-placed discharge nozzles create a pleasant cab temperature and enable fatigue-free operation. The powerful air-conditioning system ensures rapid cooling of the cab space and comfort while working, even when the ambient temperature is high.

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