Electric Track Dumper DT05e

Electric Track Dumper DT05e: Small but powerful!

The DT05e can be maneuvered through almost any opening, even in closed spaces, without any problems. Thanks to the emissions-free operation, even in closed spaces or in environmentally sensitive environments. With optimum coordination of loading and operating times, it offers additional application options and reduced downtimes. The costs decrease, the possibilities for use multiply - efficiency in a nutshell.

DT05e in action

Quiet and versatile

  • It can work almost silently, even in places and at times where it was not possible before.
  • The electric machine is the optimal solution especially in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Nighttime applications are also possible, without noise pollution for the immediate surroundings.
DT05e Rendering

Economic efficiency in a nutshell

  • Low service and maintenance costs, reduced downtimes due to more application areas and cost savings through fuel savings maximize the machine's economic efficiency.
  • With optimal coordination of charging cycle and application times, battery-running time can be maximized and usage during the day can be extended.
DT05e in action

Emission-free and environmentally friendly

  • The electric motor avoids exhaust emissions and thus protects the environment during application.
  • The emission-free operation enables indoor applications or applications in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The surroundings and the environment are protected and harmful exhaust emissions can be avoided.
DT05e in studio

Powerful, without compromise

  • Same components, same reliability. In terms of power rating, the machine is in no way inferior to its conventional DT05 model.
  • More application areas and less downtimes, yet just as powerful as a conventional machine in this class.
DT05e in action

Small dimensions

  • The compact dimensions of the machine make it ideal for maneuvering and working in confined spaces.
  • This gives better possibilities to maneuver the machine in narrow applications.
  • The machine can be operated without restrictions even in narrow places.

More Features

DT05e in action

Battery charger on the machine

  • With the charging cable carried on the machine, it can be charged anywhere and is usable independent of location.
  • It can even remain overnight at the construction site and is immediately ready for use on the next day.
  • The battery charger is incorporated and always available when needed.
DT05e interface

Simple operation

  • The operating levers that are labeled in detail allow the operator to immediately identify which lever is used to operate the required movement.
  • The optimally placed hand rest for operating the lever prevents cramps and tension caused by operation.
  • This allows the operator to concentrate fully on his work and control all movements with his hands.
DT05e in action

Chargeable at a normal 230V socket

  • The machine can be fully charged in 8 hours, e.g. overnight at the socket, and is ready for application again in the morning with a full battery.
  • The charging cable for connection to a 230V socket is supplied along with the machine and can be easily stowed under the engine hood.
DT05e in studio

Self-loading device

  • Stand-alone loading without the need for another machine ensures high efficiency on any job site, saving money and time.
  • Fast and intuitive operation enables use without time-consuming training for changing operators.
DT05e in studio

Maintenance-free battery

  • The maintenance-free battery saves valuable time and money by eliminating maintenance costs.
  • It can be charged easily at any 220 V outlet.
  • Additionally, the battery is leak and frost proof.
DT05e in studio

Front tip skip

  • With the front tipper body, a large amount of material can be transported in the shortest possible time.
  • It ensures very good stability thanks to a low center of gravity and a low discharge height.
DT05e in studio

High tip skip

  • The high tip skip makes it possible to get over height differences with no problem while unloading, without a ramp.
  • Among other things, it can be used as a front tip skip, which comes with the advantage of a low dumping height.
DT05e suspension-mounted rollers

Hanging suspension-mounted rollers

  • The suspension-mounted rollers provide for a smooth and safer operating experience.
  • Due to the suspended support, the rollers adapt to the terrain and compensate for obstacles or unevenness, such as stones. As a result, the operator benefits from optimal driving comfort, even off-road.
DT05e stability

Optimum weight distribution

  • The optimum weight distribution of the machine ensures low ground pressure, which means that it does not sink in on soft ground and can be used without restriction.
  • The optimum ratio of small dimensions to high payload with consistent stability and safety round off the machine's overall package.
  • The traction of the machine off-road is increased.
DT05e Rendering

Smooth ride characteristics

  • The machine is quiet and performs without impacts or bumps on uneven terrain reducing stress to the operator or machine.

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