DW20 when filling the asphalt trough

Wheel dumper DW20: Off-road capable and easy to handle

The DW20 has a modern hydrostatic drive system and the articulated pendulum joint typical for Wacker Neuson wheel dumpers. The durable and fully wear-free spring-loaded parking brake provides increased safety when the machine is not in use. For special applications that require a lower tipping height, the DW20 can be equipped with an asphalt skip. The optionally available swivel tip skip with self-loading equipment also makes it completely independent from other machines on the construction site. Other skip versions round off the wide variety of application areas.

Wheel dumper DW20

Extended maintenance intervals

  • The long maintenance intervals of 500 operating hours make possible additional cost savings due to fewer service and maintenance intervals divided over the entire use.
Wheel dumper DW20

Asphalt skip

  • In applications with limited tipping height (e.g. in underground garages) a special solution is necessary. There is a special skip with reduced tipping height exactly for this purpose. The skip format was optimized specially for emptying into an asphalt paver.
  • A special trough with reduced dumping height is available for this very purpose.
  • The trough shape has been specially optimized for dumping into an asphalt paver.

More Features

Wheel dumper DW20

Swivel tip skip

  • The very versatile, large rotary tipping trough allows for extension in all directions, perfect for side backfilling or even leveling when transporting liquids on inclines.
  • The rotary tipping trough brings the material exactly to the point thanks to infinitely variable 180° rotation - particularly practical in tight spaces.
Wheel dumper DW20

Fold-down roll over protection system (ROPS) with gas pressure damper

  • The fold-down roll over protection system with gas pressure damper provides a very low clearance height with simultaneously high safety standards.
  • It is ideal for transport and saves room.
  • The gas pressure damper makes folding the ROPS bar up and down easy.
DW40 Rendering

Entry and exit on both sides

  • Entry and exit on both sides of machines is practical when the machine is parked very close to an obstacle or is being used for filling on one side.
  • The control station can be safely entered and exited quickly and easily on either side of the machine.
  • The 3-point contact on entry and exit provides added safety of the operator. When entering and exiting the machine, the operator has 3 points of contact area, alternating hand-hand-foot.
Wheel dumper DW20

High swivel tip skip

  • The machine combines the advantages of a swivel tip skip and a high tip skip, thus offering a two-in-one version for maximum efficiency.
  • The machine requires only little space for unloading due to the lateral unloading option, even over higher obstacles.
  • The higher tipping height and the option of turning the skip at a 180° angle create a variety of unloading options without being bound by restrictions or additional safety precautions (need for additional space).
Wheel dumper DW20

Front and rearview camera

  • The view cameras attached at front and rear minimize the machine’s blind spot and provide double protection for the surroundings.
  • The driver sees more clearly what is happening around him and can detect obstacles at an early stage. This increases safety enormously for the driver, the machine and the environment.
  • With protection class IP69, they are very tough and sturdy.
Articulated pendulum joint of the DW20

Articulated pendulum joint

  • The articulated pendulum joint adapts to all uneven terrain on the construction site. The operator immediately senses a change in the position and can keep the machine under control.

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