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RD7Ye - Agile, compact and efficient

Rodillo tándem RD7A con motor Honda de manejo y mantenimiento fácil
Rodillo tándem RD7A con motor Honda de manejo y mantenimiento fácil
Easy to operate, easy to service, improved compaction performance
The right choice for a wide range of applications - the RD7. This tandem roller is ideal for an efficient compaction of asphalt and granular material. Further advantages of the compact design: the tapered upwards framework enables seamless compaction right up to walls or other boundaries. The short drum distance and the low center of gravity allows this roller to turn and maneuver more easily than comparable models. Operation procedures become more fluid and faster.
  • The operator-present system is a special safety feature, the roller can be stopped instantly
  • Reduced hand-arm vibration by shock mounts that reduce vibration transmission and additional shock mounting in the guide handle.
  • The guide handle folds for transport and compact storage.
  • Ergonomic guide handle optimized in design and functionality for improved ease of use.
  • Easy cold weather starting, thanks to the unique clutch/pump drive system.

Ergonomic handle design

  • Ergonomic design for multiple operation conditions

  • Side grips and handle for control while turning

  • Center handle for finer control

  • On handle exciter activation

  • On handle throttle control and low/high exciter force control

  • Unique foot operated lock allows for easy tilting of the handle

Open frame design

  • Easy access to many components as scrapers, water bars, water hoses

  • Simple disassembly for service – remove bolts and the entire side can be removed

  • Easy access for cleaning

  • Frame openings for service tool access

  • All control cables have a lip seal and bellows to prevent dust and water damage

Water system

  • The easy access water tank cap is side mounted to avoid damage from lifting devices

  • 60 L / 15.6 US Gal. plastic water tank with water level
    view strip

  • Easy access to water valve

  • Holes in frame provide access for cleaning water bars

Service network
We are always there for you: Thanks to our close-knit service network, you can always rely on our quick support.
First-class compaction performance
Regardless of which of our models
you choose – one thing is certain: You will be impressed with the compaction performance of our rollers. Guaranteed!
Finely tiered model selection
Different tonnages and a diverse selection of tandem-axle rollers with vibration and oscillating drums as well as combination rollers: Choose exactly the model that you need for your project.

Built-in user comfort
All of the Wacker Neuson models can be easily operated for particularly pleasant work.

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