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ST45 Technical specifications

Operating data 

Height top of ROPS 81.9 in
Overall length w/ bucket 143.9 in
Overall length w/o bucket 115.8 in
Height Hinge Pin Max 135.4 in
Operating weight  10,245 lb
Rated Operating Capacity ROC 50% 4,500 lb
Rated Operating Capacity ROC 35% 3,150 lb
Length of track on ground 63 in
Dump height max. at max height 107.1 in
Angle of departure  30 °
Tipping angle (bucket dump) w/ bucket at max. height 38 °
Ground clearance  9.4 in
Breakout force max. - Bucket 6,717 lbf
Breakout force max. - Boom 5,309 lbf
Bucket width  72 in
Width w/o bucket 70 in
Width track 17.7 in

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor  Turbo-Charged Perkins 854 Tier 4 Final
Engine performance  74 hp
Fuel tank capacity  24.3 US gal

Hydraulic system  

Auxiliary Hydraulics- Standard Flow  22.5 US gpm
Auxiliary Hydraulics- High Flow  35.9 US gpm
Pressure aux. relief 3,338 psi

Power transmission  

Travel speed low 4.3 mph
Travel speed high 7.5 mph

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