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HIF690 - Flameless Indirect-Fired Air Heater

The HIF690 is ideal for potentially volatile applications where "no open flame" is a requirement. Engine driven, this flameless air heater develops very high CFM and static pressure to maximize your heat delivery. The HIF690 features positive air and high temperature shutdowns and offers simple one button operation for a rental friendly design. Applications include oil & gas exploration, mining, construction and restoration.
  • Flameless heater HI690 is powered by a Kohler Tier 4 Final-compliant diesel engine. The HIF690 features 504,000 BTU/hr at max consumption.
  • Automatic louvers help maintain desired temperatures while high performance mineral oil fluid helps achieve outlet temperature up to 250 ◦F (120 ◦C).
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly with spill containment of all engine fluids.
  • CCV heater and crankcase pressure switch ensure reliable performance. Master switch is Lock Out/Tag Out approved for added operator safety and performance monitoring strobe light indicates from a distance that all systems are operating properly. In addition, a sealed alternator for longer service life.
  • The HIF 690 is CSA certified, UL approved and TDG compliant.

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