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Interview with Roland Gmainer, Head of Corporate Lean Management

Roland Gmainer, Head of Corporate Lean Management Wacker Neuson Group, has been with the company since 2013 and ensures the continued development of a group-wide uniform lean management system across all locations.

What is lean management? 

Lean management is a growth strategy that affects all areas of a company. Every company needs to improve to remain competitive and to grow. In the process, the customer is the focus. It is always important to keep the customer’s perspective in mind and to thus maximize the customer’s benefit. Specifically this means: Quality, availability and costs must be optimized. To this end, all costs are divided into value adding and non-value adding. Value adding is any activity that increases the value of a product or a service rendered from the customer’s perspective. Lean management calls on each employee in the company to actively promote improvements.

How does lean management contribute to more sustainable economies?

The lean management mindset provides tools that can be used to improve all areas. The improvements should be standardized, targeted, prioritized, be sustainable and continuous, always under the aspect of the cost-benefit analysis of the entire process. This means that we avoid wastefulness as a company and become more efficient. We always put our customers and their needs in the middle of all of our measures.

How is lean management implemented at Wacker Neuson?

The lean management of Wacker Neuson is called “Zero.” The goals of Zero are: Make waste transparent and avoid waste, implement improvements using standardized methods and involve the entire organization in continuous improvement activities. The task of the corporate lean management department is to develop the system in cooperation with the relevant departments and to improve it on an ongoing basis.

“Lean management calls on each employee and executive to make waste transparent and to actively promote improvements.” 

Roland Gmainer, Head of Corporate Lean Management