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Demanding Job For External Vibrators In Power Plant Construction

The German consortium Neubau KW in Lünen, Germany, successfully relied on Wacker Neuson's concrete technology for concreting a turbine platform. In 2008, work started on a modern coal-fired power plant in Lünen, Westphalia. The contracting consortium of Heitkamp und Züblin relied on Wacker Neuson's advice and high-quality equipment for concreting the turbine platform. This helped them achieve superior results in a very short space of time.

Excellent advice and powerful equipment
"With their outstanding external vibrators and excellent advice, Wacker Neuson helped us greatly to achieve the necessary high quality of concrete within the very tight time frame", says Axel Vierling, project manager of the Lünen consortium. More than 140 AR 36 external vibrators with their converters were used to concrete the turbine platform. Following its commissioning in 2012, the coal-fired power plant in Lünen will deliver a net output of 750 megawatt and up to 6 million megawatt hours p.a. – enough energy to supply 1.6 million households. The turbine hall is at the heart of the power generation. That is where the turbines convert the steam that is generated by burning coal into electric energy. The turbine platform is the foundation to which the fast rotating turbines are anchored. "Obviously, the standards of the concrete and its production quality have to be extremely high for a turbine platform", explains Mr. Vierling. The whole platform rests on spring bellows. With a length of 50 meters and a width of 10 meters it has a volume of just under 1,200 m3 It is especially important to achieve a superior compaction quality around the periphery with guaranteed low porosity of the concrete surface.

AR 36: light and flexible
"A particular challenge was the high degree of reinforcement, which made compacting the concrete difficult", remembers Mr. Vierling. "But we were able to achieve a very good quality with the external vibrators", Mr. Vierling continues. The complete systems solution, consisting of AR 36 vibrators, their converters as well as universal fastening clamps, is perfectly suited for any job where it is not possible to compact concrete using only internal vibrators. The light and flexible AR 36 can be fixed quickly and easily to any kind of formwork. Thanks to its stable motor characteristic, it has a constance high speed.. The robust design makes it absolutely dust and jet proof. The connections and supply cables are completely vibration proof.

Better than pneumatic external vibrators
Right from the start of the job, the AR 36 demonstrated its particular strength: the electric drive. In contrast to pneumatic external vibrators, the handling of Wacker Neuson's devices is much better. Another advantage, in comparison to pneumatic vibrators, became obvious working in the almost completely enclosed space of the turbine hall: "The AR 36 runs much more quietly with less noise. That has made the working conditions for our people much better", says Mr. Vierling. "All in all, we were very happy with Wacker Neuson's equipment and consulting services."