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  • Industrial flooring specialist Ready Betontechnik chooses Wacker Neuson

    Wacker Neuson’s customer of many years, Ready Betontechnik, an industrial flooring specialist operating across the whole of Europe, recently produced over 2,200 square meters of floor installation and smoothing for a production and warehousing facility in Lauterecken near Kaiserslautern. The efficient floor smoothing and polishing work was carried out using the Wacker Neuson power trowels CRT 36 and CRT 48, which provide exceptionally high performance and user friendliness.

  • Z as in Zero Tail: Customized landscape management with Wacker Neuson's agile compact excavator 50z3

    Josef Hochmuth, managing director of the German horticulture & landscape design (GaLa) company Hochmuth, added another Wacker Neuson excavator model, the 50Z3, to his machine fleet. Even the basic model of this compact construction machine comes with a number of proven features. With a number of additional equipment options it can be customized to individual requirements.

  • Tamping, compacting gravel, changing thresholds - Strube track construction relies on Wacker Neuson

    Tie tamping, coarse gravel compaction, tie replacements - these are the main tasks of Strube Gleisbau in Buchholz near Hamburg. The company relies on the gasoline hammers by Wacker Neuson here, because they offer the ideal combination of percussion rate and power for the special requirements on the track.

  • Concrete Contractor BTH Relies On Wacker Neuson Trowels

    Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are vital factors for the German contractor BTH (Boden-Technik-Hehl). Precision work according to a specific time plan is absolutely essential on concrete job sites, since the concrete has to be processed as quickly as possible. BTH uses up to six Wacker Neuson ride-on trowels for a major project in Mühldorf, Upper Bavaria. Approximately 80,000 m² of flooring for a production and assembly hall need to be troweled.

  • Expansion of the Panama Canal: Wacker Neuson helping to change global shipping

    Since its original construction in 1914, the Panama Canal has been a source of high economic value and pride for Panamanians. The Canal gives passage to an estimated 15,000 vessels and 280 million tons of cargo annually. Despite the Canal running around the clock at 90 percent of its maximum capacity, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) could not keep up with traffic and some ships had to wait several days for passage.

  • Wacker Neuson Helped Hangzhou Government to Fight against the Flood and Deal with the Emergency Quickly

    On July 31th, when a tunnel boring machine dug the tunnel in a subway construction building site, the riverbed above the tunnel collapsed and the river water rushed into the site and submerged all the construction machines. Hangzhou government and municipal committee initiated a contingency plan immediately and allocated 25 dewatering pumps to the building site. Of the 25 pumps, 7 pumps were Wacker Neuson PT 6LT centrifugal trash pumps and 15 pumps were Wacker Neuson PTS 4V centrifugal trash pumps. The water was all drained after three days of continuous fighting, and reduced the losses to a minimum.

  • In use in Norway: the WL20e electric wheel loader

    The first "green" wheel loader from Wacker Neuson with electric drive WL20e gets off to a good start in Norway. Among other things, it is currently being used to construct a new school in Oslo, as well as for demolition work in a food factory. For both projects, the machine's zero emissions were crucially important to the firm order placement.

  • Demanding Job For External Vibrators In Power Plant Construction

    The German consortium Neubau KW in Lünen, Germany, successfully relied on Wacker Neuson's concrete technology for concreting a turbine platform. In 2008, work started on a modern coal-fired power plant in Lünen, Westphalia. The contracting consortium of Heitkamp und Züblin relied on Wacker Neuson's advice and high-quality equipment for concreting the turbine platform. This helped them achieve superior results in a very short space of time.

  • The Panama Canal: One of the most important waterways in the world

    The Panama Canal is about 82 kilometers long and cuts through the isthmus of the Central American country of Panama. More than 14,000 ships pass through it a year. The waterway connects the Atlantic to the Pacific and thus saves shipping the detour around Cape Horn at the southern tip of the continent. Among others, about 500 internal vibrators from Wacker Neuson are in use during the current expansion of the waterway.

  • Outstanding performance over the full distance: Endurance test for Wacker Neuson vibratory plate

    Gardening and landscaping companies tackle a huge range of jobs, from creating green areas to planning, designing and maintaining outdoor features. Gilli Garten AG in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, is no exception. This gardening and landscaping firm has won a contract to create the entire green area surrounding the new premises of pharmaceutical and diagnostics company Roche.