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  • Industrial flooring specialist Ready Betontechnik chooses Wacker Neuson

    Wacker Neuson’s customer of many years, Ready Betontechnik, an industrial flooring specialist operating across the whole of Europe, recently produced over 2,200 square meters of floor installation and smoothing for a production and warehousing facility in Lauterecken near Kaiserslautern. The efficient floor smoothing and polishing work was carried out using the Wacker Neuson power trowels CRT 36 and CRT 48, which provide exceptionally high performance and user friendliness.

  • Demanding Job For External Vibrators In Power Plant Construction

    The German consortium Neubau KW in Lünen, Germany, successfully relied on Wacker Neuson's concrete technology for concreting a turbine platform. In 2008, work started on a modern coal-fired power plant in Lünen, Westphalia. The contracting consortium of Heitkamp und Züblin relied on Wacker Neuson's advice and high-quality equipment for concreting the turbine platform. This helped them achieve superior results in a very short space of time.

  • Teamwork builds successful partnership between manufacturer, dealer and customer’s expanding business

    People love their plumber when their plumber is Done® Plumbing and Heating, in Aurora, Colorado. Done® Plumbing and Heating feels so strongly about customer satisfaction that they do a “Happy Check” on every customer minutes after the completion of every service call. So when they realized that subbing out their excavating service was not making customers happy, they decided to bring their excavating service in-house. And they looked to Faris Machinery, in Commerce City for the machinery they needed, because experienced sales rep Rick Finamore knows that businesses buy from people who understand their business.

  • An Efficient Change of Direction

    Few modern-day structures match the grandeur or complexity of Hoover Dam. The American Society of Civil Engineers rates it as one of America’s seven modern civil engineering wonders. Standing 724 feet tall and 660 feet at its widest point, the dam draws nearly 1 million tourists annually.

  • Walk-behind Trowels - Increase productivity and improve quality

    Power trowels are used for floating and finishing large concrete slabs or on concrete that is too stiff to otherwise handle utilizing manual tools. Compared to ordinary hand tools, power trowels significantly increase production and reduce costs by their ability to finish more square footage of a slab area per day. At the same time they improve quality of the concrete surface and help to maintain flatness on the slab.

  • E3000s Enlisted for Cold Weather Concrete Bridge Deck Curing

    (Tiverton to Portsmouth, Rhode Island) Time was of the essence. The only option was to make multiple bridge deck pours during the winter months spanning 2011 and 2012. “The contract used calendar days, so it did not matter if winter delayed us,” says Keith Catanzaro, superintendent for Cardi Corporation. If crews missed the May 11, 2012 target, “we would receive $16,500 per-day disincentive for every day beyond the deadline, so we could not miss our end date,” he added.

  • Pump Selection- When moving liquid there are many pump options to choose

    Pump applications can be far reaching … from the general construction dewatering job, to flood control to unique applications in the fishing and recreational industry. These varying applications suggest that contractors and landscapers need to have basic pump knowledge regarding the type of pump needed for their particular job. With such a wide range of pumps available selecting the correct pump for the application is important. The most common pumps available are trash, dewatering, diaphragm and submersible pumps. Each of these pump styles are designed for different applications. Centrifugal trash and dewatering pumps are very versatile and are among the simplest and most efficient.

  • Getting flatter floors starts and finishes with Wacker Neuson trowels

    Having had such success in achieving these super flat floors, Birdwell can attest that the best equipment with the latest technology, is key. For this reason, Birdwell turns to Wacker Neuson’s large flatwork product line to meet his goals of completing the project on time, on budget and exceeding Floor Flatness (Ff) specifications.

  • Really fit to be tied

    Wacker Neuson's rebar tier DF 16 replaces conventional pliers to bind rebar steel extremely fast and efficiently. Therefore the steel fixing company Fischer put the rebar tier to the test. The result: a perfectly tied rebar, delighted steel fixers.