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Equipment built for the fertilizer industry

The toughest materials. The highest demands. We've got it handled.

When you're moving as much as 600 tons of fertilizer per day, you need a machine that can stand up to the toughest environment in agriculture. When we built our machines to move fertilizer, we asked operators in leading fertilizer houses about their biggest challenges. Then, we engineered our equipment to meet and exceed their needs. 

  • Corrosive materials: Fertilizer can shorten your equipment's life span, and that's costly. Our anti-corrosion topcoat option protects your investment. 
  • Tight spaces: Narrow aisles, low bin heights and tall mixers and trucks mean you need equipment with versatility that includes a tight turning radius and compact dimensions, while providing more reach.
  • Avoid spills: Spilled fertilizer is lost money. Our exclusive bucket design helps keep fertilizer pellets in the bucket while in motion. 

Designed to move fertilizer, not dirt.

We understand in the fertilizer house, spilled product wastes money and time. Buckets designed for construction applications just won't cut it. We worked with Bradco to build a bucket custom-designed to handle fertilizer efficiency so you can move more, move it faster, and avoid costly waste. 

  • Engineered to avoid spills: Built with a higher  back and an anti-spill lip prevents material loss during roll back, keeping fertilizer in the bucket until you're ready to unload. 
  • Larger bucket, not a larger footprint: Our 1.45 yd³, 73" bucket is designed to maximize the load, so you can move fertilizer, more efficiently. 

Protect your investment: 
Nyalic® anti-corrosion topcoat.

Fertilizer takes a toll on your equipment. Its corrosive properties destroy the finish and limit the life span of mechanical elements, hoses and connectors. That’s why we recommend Nyalic coating. Applied to all mechanical, machine and hose areas, Nyalic provides a clear, glossy hard finish that seals treated areas to protect from moisture and corrosive chemicals. 


Please note:
Not all machines / packages are available in all regions. Contact your local sales representative Wacker Neuson for details.