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Wacker Neuson – All you need is the concrete...

Concrete is only as good as the quality of its processing. Nobody knows that better than the concrete processing industry. Concrete surfaces of a high standard require first-class quality equipment with stamina. Wacker Neuson offers exactly that: internal and external vibrators, wet screeds and trowels with smart technology for quality concrete.

Wacker Neuson has the innovative products you need to get your next concrete job done efficiently and economically. From demolition, site and reinforcement prep to placement, consolidation, finishing and curing; Wacker Neuson is the manufacturer of choice when it comes to anything concrete!

Find out more how our equipment can be used in your industry! 

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Concrete Consolidation

Proper placing and handling techniques provide quality results. Get tips for choosing the right vibrator type for the application from our experts »

Walk-behind Trowels

Choosing the proper walk-behind trowel will help you increase productivity and improve quality. What should you consider when choosing your trowel? »

Keeping An Eye On Safety – Walk-Behind Trowel Safety Advantage

Don't let dangerous run away trowels increase the potential for injury to workers, damage to fresh slabs or costly repairs to a damaged machine. If a loss of control situation occurs, Wacker Neuson trowels are designed to stop spinning within a single rotation. This is just one of many advantages of Wacker Neuson's walk behind trowels.