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TH735 Options


  • Rotating beacon (yellow)
  • 1 extra front working light, 1 extra rear working light
  • 2 working lights laterally on boom (outer section)
  • All-round illumination (7 additional working lights - 1 at front, 1 at rear, 1 on the left, 2 on the right, 2 on the outside boom)
  • All-round illumination (8 LED working lights) - Omission of standard working lights
  • Air suspension comfort seat (MSG95AL/722)
  • Heated seat (only in connection with: air suspension comfort seat (MSG95AL/722)
  • Heated cabin windows on the right and at the rear
  • Electrically adjustable outside mirror (right side) with heating and automatic cut off
  • Inside mirror, including bracket for mobile telephone
  • Air conditioning
  • Storage bin with ventilation (cooled if machine is equipped with air conditioning)
  • Mounting / wiring for radio installation (aerial, loudspeakers)
  • Radio system (radio, aerial, loudspeakers)
  • Charcoal filter for cabine air
  • Front right camera
  • Reversing camera
  • Camera view to the front right plus rear-view camera


  • Vacuum-operated preliminary separator
  • Engine, fuel, hydraulic oil preheating (230 V)
  • Reversing fan motor


  • Pressure relief of 3rd control circuiton quickhitch
  • Front hydraulic control circuit (electric changeover)
  • Tilt ram lock
  • Automatic bucket reserve valve (SRA), including tilt cylinder shaking function (only in conncetion with: 4-pole socket for front attachments)
  • Filling the hydraulic system with environmentally friendly hydraulic oil; PANOLIN Synt 46
  • Oil level monitoring (hydraulic oil)

Quickhitch plates/ loader unit

  • Load stabilisator
  • Mechanical quickhitch facility, Kramer system
  • Hydraulic quickhitch, Kramer system
  • Mechanical quickhitch facility, Manitou system
  • Hydraulic quickhitch, JCB (Q-fit) system
  • Hydraulic quickhitch, Volvo TPV system
  • Hydraulic quickhitch, Matbro system

Travelling drive

  • Speed 0-30 km/h
  • ecospeed 40 km/h
  • ecospeed 40 km/h including smart driving
  • Low-speed control and manual throttle
  • Maneuvering coupling

Safety options

  • Backup warning system (acoustic)
  • Removable protective screen for front window(not authorized for use on public roads)
  • Protective underbody panels(only in connection with: power train cover)
  • Power train cover
  • Fire extinguisher (2 kg)
  • Telescopic boom dirt scraper
  • Tyre puncture protection kit
  • Protective measures for operation in aggressive environment (salt or fertilizer applications)(only in connection with: power train cover, dry lubrication of telescopic boom, telescopic boom dirt scraper)
  • Dry lubrication of telescopic boom

Electrical system

  • 4-pole socket for front attachments


  • Alliance 405/70-24 A-323 traction tread
  • Alliance 405/70 R24 A-580 traction tread
  • Michelin 460/70 R24 XMCL traction tread
  • Firestone 460/70 R24 Duraforce Utility - multipurpose tread
  • Michelin Bibload 460/70 R24 (multipurpose tread, bi-directional)
  • Mitas 405/70-24 MPT-04 construction site equipment profile

Equipment for use on public roads

  • Number plate light incl. front number plate bracket
  • Data confirmation (ABE) for self-drive work machines

Warranty extensions

  • Power-Line (24 months or 2000 operating hours)
  • Security 24-60 (1500-5000 h)


  • Single-colour, custom-made paint finish as per RAL (grey parts are not included
  • Central lubrication system (fully automatic)(not with: protective measures for operation in aggressive environment (salt or fertilizer applications))
  • Central lubrication system (agg. media)
  • Tool box incl. tool kit

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