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ET16 Technical specifications

Operating data 

Shipping weight min. 1,402 kg
Operating weight  1,529 - 1,720 kg
Biting force max.  7.9 kN
Breakout force max.  15.3 kN
Digging depth max.  2,413 mm
Digging radius max.  3,861 mm
Superstructure slewing speed  9.8 1/min
L x W x H  3,644 x 990 x 2,285 mm

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Yanmar
Engine / Motor type  3TNV76
Engine / Motor  Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine
Emission standards stage  5
Displacement  1,116 cm³
RPM / speed  2,200 rpm
Engine performance acc. to ISO 13.2 kW
Battery  44 Ah
Fuel tank capacity  24 l

Hydraulic system  

Duty pump  Gear pump
Flow rate  34.5 l/min
Operating pressure for working and traction hydraulics 200 bar
Operating pressure Slewing gear 130 bar


Travel speed  4.1 km/h
Chain width  230 mm
Ground clearance  180 mm

Dozer Blade 

Width (folded in) 990 mm
Height  215 mm
Stroke max., above ground 235 mm
Stroke max., below ground 270 mm

Sound level 

Sound level (LwA) acc. to 2000/14/EC 93 dB(A)
Cabin - specified sound pressure level LpA  79 dB(A)