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BFS1345 Technical specifications

L x W x H (brackets in transport position, without guide wheel) 860 x 575 x 1,010 mm
Weight  93 kg
Blade diameter max. 450 mm
Blade arbor  25.4 mm
Cutting depth max. 170 mm
Nominal speed the blade 2,200 rpm
Water tank capacity  32 l
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Honda
Engine / Motor type  GX 390
CO2 (NRSC) * 743 g/kWh
Displacement  389 cm³
Power  8.7 kW
at rpm  3,600 rpm
Fuel type  Gasoline
Fuel consumption  4.3 l/h
Fuel tank capacity  6.1 l
*Determined value of the CO2 emission during engine certification without consideration of the application on the machine.