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DPU6555Hec Technical specifications

Operating data 

Operating weight  497 kg
Centrifugal force  65 kN
Base plate size (W x L) 550 x 900 mm
Base plate thickness  12 mm
Height (ground clearance) 861 mm
Operating width (with extension plates) 710 mm
Frequency  69 Hz
Hand-arm vibrations  1.3 m/s²
Advance travel max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) 28 m/min
Surface capacity max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) 1,200 m²/h
Transport height  1,521 mm
Transport length  1,060 mm
Transport width  780 mm
Shipping weight  502 kg

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  Air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-cycle diesel engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Hatz
Engine / Motor  1D81S
Displacement  667 cm³
Engine performance (rated power) (IFN DIN ISO 3046) 9.6 kW
at rpm  2,800 rpm
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) 6.8 kW
at rpm  3,010 rpm
Fuel consumption  1.9 l/h
Tank capacity (fuel) 6 l
Power transmission  From the drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter.
Fuel type  Diesel
CO2 (NRSC) * 974 g/kWh
*Determined value of the CO2 emission during engine certification without consideration of the application on the machine.

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