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Train the trainers: Bringing in the “A-team”

How our field service trainers keep their skills sharp

Wacker Neuson’s service support team is among the best in the industry.
At the heart of the team is a group of professionals known as FSTs, short for field service trainers. You have to admire these guys; FSTs hit the road every day, traveling to our network of dealers. Their mission is to make sure dealer service staff are proficient in maintenance and repair techniques for all Wacker Neuson products.

Keeping up with over 300 products is no easy task. That’s is a lot of engines, hydraulics, filters and other moving parts to keep track of, but for this “A-team”, product service knowledge is what keeps them ticking. Twice a year, the FSTs come to Wacker Neuson’s Menomonee Falls corporate headquarters to train on new products and get the latest updates on current equipment.

The FSTs thrive on each other’s knowledge during these train the trainer sessions. Just ask Richard Boward, service trainer for Wacker Neuson.

“You get these guys together for a few days and it is amazing the knowledge they share with each other, Boward said. “For example, we were focusing on tearing down and rebuilding a new automatic self-priming trash pump and by pooling their knowledge and experiences together, we came up with faster, easier ways to work on this machine.”

These meetings of the minds are a real benefit to Wacker Neuson dealers and their customers.  By passing along best practices and tips of the trade, Wacker Neuson machines can spend more time on the job and less time in the shop.

“As a field service trainer, ultimately, my goal is to reduce repair costs and maximize return on investment for the dealer and the end user, said Dane Francis, FST for Wacker Neuson’s central region.  “It’s not just wrench turning.  It is very satisfying to educate service techs in diagnostics, service and repair of equipment that is a lot more sophisticated as it used to be,” said Francis.

In order to keep up with the equipment trends, FSTs rely on each other and learn from the dealer technicians as well.  As they continue to share their knowledge, Wacker Neuson construction equipment will continue to last longer and be more productive on the job site: a win-win for everyone.