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Long-term after sales service – that is Wacker Neuson Service.

  • local support – always close by
  • professional service you can rely on
  • quick sparepart availability
  • Wacker Neuson quality chain: from product development to production, on to sales and service
  • Financing

Protect your investment!

Compact Equipment Extended service protection plan offering.

Protect your investment for new and used equipment beyond the standard warranty offered.  Gain peace of mind knowing that if a failure should occur, you are covered.  The extended service protection plan provides coverage against defects in OEM materials and/or workmanship after the standard base warranty has expired

Talk to your local Wacker Neuson compact equipment dealer today for our standard warranty coverage, the extended service program details, equipment eligibility and a list of the exact components covered.

Train the trainers: Bringing in the “A-team”

Wacker Neuson’s service support team is among the best in the industry.
At the heart of the team is a group of professionals known as FSTs, short for field service trainers.
Click here to learn more about how our field service trainers
keep their skills sharp »

Seasonal Service Tips from the Pros

In this section you will find helpful tips from our service experts which keep your products running at peak performance. 

Focus – Heat Season Products     

  1. Improve reliability and performance of your diesel burner and begin every heating season by installing a new diesel fuel filter element and diesel burner nozzle tip.
  2. Untreated diesel fuel can gel in temperature of 10⁰F or below; you can reduce burner down time by adding diesel fuel conditioner such with every fill up during the winter months.
  3. End every heating season by treating any remaining diesel fuel in the tank with stabilizing additives to ensure the fuel retains energy and low moisture content which increases diesel burner reliability.