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EquipCare - Give your machines a voice.

In the past, communication between machines and their owners was limited by the need for a service technician to intervene and evaluate the machine’s status. Now, just imagine if your machine would automatically provide you with information you need – where is my skid steer? How many hours does the wheel loader have on it? And, isn’t the excavator due for maintenance soon?

With Wacker Neuson's telematics solution, EquipCare, communication is now easier than ever. With EquipCare, the machine independently reports on maintenance needs, low fluid levels, component malfunctions, unexpected relocation, etc. EquipCare puts the status and location of your equipment within easy reach on your PC, and enables you to send machine information to your smartphone or tablet immediately.

Reduce the stress level on the construction site:

  • Knowing what's going on: If a machine fails, the technician tracks the error codes even before they leave the shop.
  • Coordination: Schedule a service appointment via chat.
  • Limit machine downtime with to remote diagnostics: order specialists and spare parts as needed right away.

A new level of fleet management:

  • Optimal capacity utilization of the machine fleet by complete location determination and recording of operating time.
  • Increased runtime and service life thanks to proactive communication with your equipment, notifications when a maintenance interval has been reached and warning functions when the equipment leaves the defined geozone.
  • With the help of machine management, the life cycle of each machine can be easily evaluated.

The App

All signs and signals that may indicate a failure are listed here according to importance and urgency, so that you or your service partner can react quickly.

All events are displayed here in detail - from the error message to the maintenance performed. This keeps your service technician in the loop every step of the way.

Receive all information for each of the machines you are tracking via push notifications to your smartphone’s message center. You can also upload images and the conversation history will be stored in the system. This saves valuable time, in the event of a failure.

Would you like to focus on a machine or a whole group of machines? The “FOLLOWING” feature does just that. EquipCare generates a push notification on your smartphone, alerting you to events taking place with a machine or a group of machines.

The Manager

The “FLEET OVERVIEW” gives you an initial overview of your entire fleet. Chat with a defined group of people about a certain machine. The conversation history will be stored in the system. You can also connect to the app in this area and integrate photos of the construction site in the chat feature.

The “UNIT DETAILS” gives you a status overview of an individual unit. This includes pertinent statistics as well as fault codes generated during the machine’s life cycle, alerts, or upcoming maintenance.

You want to integrate EquipCare into your systems?

We also thought about that: If you wish, you can order our API interface and synchronize your ERP system quickly and easily.


„For the first time I do have a real overview of all the compact equipment of my company.“
Robert Schmidt, Site manager

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