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TH627 - Versatile ground-engaging telehandler

Telehandler TH627 side view left
Telehandler TH627 side view right
Telehandler TH627 all wheel steering
Telehandler TH627 four wheel steering
Telehandler TH627 lift hight
Telehandler TH627 side view left
Telehandler TH627 side view right
Telehandler TH627 all wheel steering
Telehandler TH627 four wheel steering
Telehandler TH627 lift hight
The TH627 ground-engaging telehandler offers a three-in-one machine concept that provides maximum versatility. Designed with a hydraulic skid steer plate, it delivers the digging capabilities of a wheel loader, the attachment versatility of a skid steer and the performance of a leading telehandler with a lift height of 18 ft. 10 in. and 5,500 lbs. of lifting capacity. The load management system maximizes performance by automatically adjusting the position of the load to increase cycle times and minimize tipping situations.
  • Three steering modes (four-wheel, two-wheel and crab steering) provide maximum maneuverability in any operating environment
  • Two operator platforms are available: pressurized enclosed cab with air conditioning and heat and open canopy ROPS (rollover protection system)
  • Ergonomic features include wide door for easy entry/exit, controls and multifunctional joystick are intuitive and illuminate to make selecting features easy under any lighting condition, 360° visibility of the job site and excellent line of sight to the attachment
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment requires no diesel particulate filter, no regeneration and no maintenance
  • Convenient service and maintenance access reduces downtime and significantly shortens daily maintenance checks


Three Types of Steering

When traveling around the job site or for tight maneuvers, the Wacker Neuson telehandler makes easy work out of material handling with its standard three steering options
All-wheel steering:
particularly maneuverable due to its 
2 x 40 degree steering angle.
Front axle steering:
familiar handling even when driving
quickly on the road.
Crab steering:
ideal for parallel travel and maneuvering
in the tightest spaces and along buildings.

LMS load management system

Maximize cycle times, minimize tipping situations — the Load Management System (LMS) improves performance by automatically adjusting the position of the load.

The bucket mode is used for loading and unloading material with a bucket and operating in an area where space is not confined. When raising the load in bucket mode, boom functions are controlled manually by the operator. When the boom is lowered, the LMS automatically retracts the telescopic arm to keep the load as close to the front axle as possible. While the boom is being retracted, the arm will lower at a reduced speed. Once the boom is fully retracted, the boom will resume lowering at normal speed. By managing the load in this fashion, bucket mode decreases the chances of tipping, as well as reducing the number of functions required by the operator to complete a task.

When the fork mode (also known as stacking mode) is selected, the telescopic arm works to maintain the load in a vertical plane when raising and lowering the attachment. When raising the boom in fork mode, the LMS raises and telescopes out at the same time, keeping the load on a vertical plane. This eliminates the need for the operator to self-adjust the load in a tight situation. When lowering the boom in fork mode, the LMS retracts and lowers at the same time, keeping the load on the same vertical plane. This makes fork mode the ideal choice for stacking and unstacking materials and for operating in a confined space.

Conventional systems (without LMS)
The machines can be pushed to their tip limits purely when lowering.
Driver assistance system LMS
Virtually vertical movement. Hardly any load torque shift in the longitudinal direction of the machine.
Operating input
Loading system response

Telehandler expertise that provides advantages.

High payloads
Our telehandlers are designed for performance. They assure you rapid and high materials handling capacity during each use.

Work safer than ever
Safe, comfortable and efficient at the same time: In the event, for example, of a risk of overload, the innovative driver assistance system LMS (Load Management System) switches on semi-automatically, intelligently intervening in the telescoping motion, and moving the load downwards in a vertical line.
More visibility, greater safety
You benefit from improved handling and greater safety while working thanks to optimal view of the attachment and work environment.
Locate telehandlers at any time
With the Global Monitoring System, you can always determine the exact location of your machines.
Small turning radius, big power output
The highly maneuverable telehandlers let you turn on a dime, thus giving you ideal maneuverability on the tightest job sites.
We distinguish particularly economical and environment-friendly products, such as the telehandler with VLS, by labelling them with an ECO seal.


Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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