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G320 - Ultra-clean burning, reliable performance

G320 Mobile Generator
G320 Mobile Generator
G320 Mobile Generator
G320 Mobile Generator
Utilizing the latest Cummins diesel emission technology engine, this durable, sound attenuated generator provides mobile, prime power for larger applications requiring quiet dedicated power. It is especially suited for areas requiring BAT (Best Available Technology) to meet the most stringent EPA CARB air standards. Digital controller monitors and protects the generator and the engine while providing continuous operating data on an easy to read LCD display.
  • Many "green" features complement ultra-clean engines including 115% fluid containment, crankcase oil vapor recovery system, "no mess" oil and radiator drain hoses/valves and fast fuel system.
  • Brushless, oversized alternators with separate excitation winding and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) provide superior motor starting and an enhanced ability to run non-linear loads.
  • Designed for easy operation and long run time with standard features that include an engine block heater, low coolant shutdown, low idle switch, 24-volt engine operating voltage and three sets of cam locks.
  • This unit is ideal for applications needing dedicated power including large general rental, oil and gas, mining, plant shutdown and large events.
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