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EW65 Technical specifications

Operating data 

Shipping weight min. 14,784.05 lb
Operating weight  15,410.15 - 18,672.96 lb
Biting force max.  6,924 lbf
Breakout force max.  10,341.21 lbf
Digging depth max.  153.03 in
Dump height max.  205.59 in
Digging radius max.  271.39 in
Superstructure slewing speed  9 rev/min

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Perkins diesel engine
Engine / Motor type  404F-E22T
Engine / Motor  Water-cooled 4-cylinder turbo in-line engine
Displacement  135.2 in³
RPM / speed  2,800 rpm
Engine performance according to ISO 67 hp
Battery  88 CCA
Fuel tank capacity  22.5 US gal

Hydraulic system  

Duty pump  Variable displacement pump and double hydraulic gear pump
Max. flow rate  38.04 + 22.59 US gpm
Operating pressure for working hydraulics 3,481 psi
Operating pressure for driving hydraulics 6,526.8 psi
Hydraulic oil tank  24.31 US gal


Tires  7.5-15 14 PR Twin Tires
Track width  18.01 in
Ground clearance  9.3 in
Travel speed max. 18.6 mph

Dozer Blade 

Width  82.1 in
Height  16.9 in
Stroke - Above ground 15.6 in
Stroke - Below ground 11.9 in

Sound level 

Sound level (LwA) according to 2000/14/EC 97 dB(A)

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