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EZ36 - Zero tail excavator with high performance cycles

Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Wacker Neuson EZ36 excavator
Compact and productive - The zero tail excavator EZ36 combines the technology and operator comfort of a larger machine in a powerful, yet economical 3.6-ton package. This compact excavator offers the performance of a conventional track excavator with excellent maneuverability and stability on a minimal swing machine. The EZ36 is highly productive providing best-in-class dig depth and reach.
  • User-friendly operating concept, large and comfortable cab
  • Four position adjustable windshield, four-way angle dozer blade
  • Standard thumb bracket,
  • Undercarriage for smooth ride and easy transport
  • Easy maintenance and service access, heavy-duty design for long service life

Work efficiently

  • Optimized engine-pump management for up to 15% faster work cycles.
  • Auxiliary hydraulics are plumbed to a diverter valve on the dipper for easy switching from the thumb to another hydraulic attachment without disconnecting the lines.

User-friendly operating concept

Easy control of the excavator due to the ergonomically designed joystick, jog dial, key pad and 3.5 inch display. Automotive-style  jog-dial  allows intuitive selection of the operating mode and options.

  • ECO mode - the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work.
  • Power mode - maximum pump performance for fast and powerful work.

Large, comfortable cab

  • Fatigue-free working environment with plenty of head and leg room.
  • The cab can be adjusted to the preferences of the operator with seat and armrest adjustment, numerous storage compartments, a mobile phone docking station and USB port.
  • The ISO SAE control pattern changover is located inside the cab, allowing each operator to select their preferred pattern quickly.
  • Sliding side windows for optimum all-round visibility and air circulation in the cab.

Four position adjustable windshield

  • Multiple options offer ideal ventilation and job site communication regardless of the weather.
  • Windows can be conveniently stored under the cab roof.

Four-way angle dozer blade

The optional angle blade with float speeds up the tasks involved in backfilling and finish grading. (Not compatible with the option VDS).

Standard thumb bracket

Ideal for all grappling work when used with the optional hydraulic thumb..

Vertical Digging System (VDS)

Optional VDS technology allows the operator to reduce the amount of material excavated and the time required to do so up to 25%. To compensate for slopes up to 27%, the operator can simply tilt the cab and boom of the excavator by up to 15° with a push of a button.The system allows the operator to remain in a upright position no matter what the angle, for fatigue-free work.

Undercarriage - smooth ride and easy transport

  • Dual flange roller system improves lateral stability while digging and loading and reduces noise and vibration while traveling.
  • Six ties downs on the undercarriage and two on the dozer blade makes chaining down for transport easy.

Easy maintenance and service access:

  • Tipable and removal cab facilitates inspections, maintenance and repair work.
  • Service-related components can be accessed quickly with the removable covers and the large hood.

Heavy-duty design for long service life

Steel pins and bushing provide maximum life with minimal play.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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