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DW30 - Compact and versatile

DW30 -thumb
The 3-ton payload, DW30 articulated wheel dumper offers a compact design allowing it to navigate through narrow openings and pathways as well as across rough terrain while carrying a large volume load. The DW30 increases productivity in material handling and incorporates a number of safety features for the operator and the entire construction site. The four-wheel drive as well as the constant tractive force combined with the articulated pendulum joint and gradeability of up to 50% make the DW30 a real off-road and on-road pro. At the same time, its low service and maintenance costs are impressive. With the stage 5 engine, all exhaust emissions specifications are fulfilled even without a diesel particulate filter. A 45.3 hp engine is also available which gives the DW30 additional power.
  • The cab protects operators from the elements and comes standard with a high performance air conditioning system
  • Intuitive operation thanks to the joystick operating concept and clearly laid-out dashboard
  • Articulated pendulum joint in combination with partial-lock differential for outstanding stability and off-road capability
  • 180-degree swivel skip for easy and precise material placement.
  • More power: DW30 power version with an engine performance of 45.3 hp and auto-stop function


Swivel tip skip:

  • With the infinitely variable 180° tilt skip, material is delivered precisely where it needs to be dumped
  • Levels off when transporting fluids on gradients
  • Sideways filling possible

Concrete skip

  • Dump opening with chute is optimized for concrete processing
  • Filling possible in a 180 degree radius.

Comfortable cab

  • The optional cabin of the DW30 with ROPS/FOPS Level II certification ensures pleasant and safe working in any weather conditions.
  • The air-conditioning system provides a pleasant working temperature especially on hot days.
  • Cab is radio ready (wiring, speakers and antenna included).

Large area turf tires

  • If current landscape/lawn needs be taken care of gently, turf tires can be used.
  • The tire tread, optimally adapted for this application, minimizes pressure on the lawn.
  • Save on additional follow-up work such as repairs, often caused during work on turf areas.

Hydrostatic drive:

Just sit down and drive: With the hydrostatic all-wheel drive, the machine is easy to operate without frequent gear changes. The consistently constant tractive force from 0 to the maximum speed and hydrostatic braking makes the unit very maneuverable.

The hydrostatic all-wheel steering ensures not only optimum driving conditions, but also a very low-wear drive with very low service and maintenance costs that doesn’t just save you time, but cash too.

Safety features:

The entry in signal red color raises the level of safety and ensures better visibility for the steps and the handle. These areas are important for safely entering and exiting the machine.

Service and maintenance:

The maintenance intervals, extended to double the time, allow additional cost savings with a higher utilization of the machine and less time downtime for maintenance work.

The easily accessible service and maintenance accesses through the engine hood, which can be opened towards the rear, make regular maintenance easier than ever before. Positioned at a perfect height, all necessary accesses and covers can be reached quickly and without great effort.

Roll over protective structure:

The collapsible roll over protective structure with gas filled spring device provides a very low passage height with simultaneously high safety standards. It saves space even in transport. The gas filled spring device makes manually folding down the ROPS bar easier.

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.