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Brian Slaughter, owner/operator, Concrete & More, Dallas Center, IA Vertical Digging System provides solution for concrete contractor

For a small business, purchasing capital goods is a big decision, so when Brian Slaughter, owner/operator of Concrete & More, Dallas Center, IA, was looking for a new excavator, he took his time, did his homework and found the best solution for his business.

Brian Slaughter, Concrete & More, Dallas Center, IA, shows how is excavator with the exclusive Vertical Digging System (VDS), sets the operator in an upright position when the tracks are on slopped terrain.

“I was looking for three things in an excavator,” Slaughter explained. “I wanted air conditioning, zero tail and a quick coupler. I compared a few brands and found prices were comparable on all the machines. The final decision came down to Wacker Neuson’s excavator with the advantage of the vertical digging system, plus the dealer support I receive from Logan.”

Slaughter worked with Nick Sinn, branch manager for Logan Contractors Supply, Des Moines, IA location.  Together they worked to outfit the machine Slaughter needed, and in the end, he purchased a Wacker Neuson 38Z3, 8000-pound, zero tail excavator with air-conditioning, plus a thumb attachment and hydraulic breaker.  

Brian Slaughter, owner/operator,
Concrete & More, Dallas Center, IA

Like its name, Concrete & More’s main focus is concrete and foundation work, but the “More” includes water and sewer line repairs and installations, sewer pump installs on walk out basements, even drain tiles for agriculture. I use this Wacker Neuson machine probably 90-percent of my job. I put a breaker on it to break concrete, I use the thumb for concrete removal, I dig water and sewer trenches with it, it’s out on most of my jobs, it’s very versatile.”

Another added bonus was that Slaughter’s excavator also came equipped with Wacker Neuson’s exclusive Vertical Digging System, (VDS). This feature compensates for height differences on uneven terrain and quickly sets the operator in an upright position. The system enables operators to tilt the cab and boom of the excavator by up to 15-degress with the push of a button, allowing the excavator to dig more precisely in a vertical position.

“I didn’t know I needed a VDS until I had a VDS! And now I wouldn’t have an excavator without it,” said Slaughter of his excavator. “The vertical digging system helps because I don’t have to keep repositioning the machine. It allows me to pull up to a job site, position myself once, level the machine, dig, backup and dig again. It speeds up digging time. The vertical digging system definitely saves money, time is money.” 

Slaughter went on to explain, “With the vertical digging system it allows me to straighten the machine, while the tracks are positioned on slopped terrain, allowing the bucket to dig flat while keeping the walls vertical. Allowing the walls to stay straight allows me to move faster. 

As owner/operator, Slaughter spends many hours in his VDS excavator and comfort is important. With the VDS, the operator remains in an upright position “you’re not leaning to one side or the other” which makes it more comfortable,” he said.

“I would recommend this Wacker Neuson machine to anyone, and if I get the chance to buy another machine, I would buy another Wacker Neuson with the Vertical Digging System.”

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