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Out with the old, in with the new for a family owned company

Since 1974, DeLuca & Hartman Construction, of Waukesha, Wisconsin has been in business providing landscape and snow removal services for industrial and commercial properties, along with a growing business maintaining and repairing parking lots with asphalt or concrete surfaces. Owner Mario DeLuca Sr. has a long history of building the family business, being frugal and only buying new equipment when necessary.

For DeLuca & Hartman Construction, it’s “out with the old, in with the new” on many fronts. First, Mario Sr. has been gradually handing over the reins of the company to sons Paul and Mario Jr., making way for a strong second generation management and then the recent purchase of a new Wacker Neuson RD 12 roller through local equipment dealer, Lincoln Contractors Supply of Waukesha, WI.

The old 1988 Wacker roller was primarily used in rolling lawns, replacing catch basins and completing other repairs of asphalt parking lots.  Paul and Mario Jr. saw a need for a new roller that could better handle asphalt repairs and larger patches of new asphalt. Paul reinforced the decision to purchase a new vs. used machine by saying we [DeLuca & Hartman] “don’t get big by making mistakes.” 

When Mario Sr. agreed that it was time to replace their Wacker WHK90L roller, they consulted with Lincoln Contractors Supply (LCS) due to their past experience working with them and the recognition of their strength with service support and parts availability.

Steve Ransom, the sales representative at LCS, having 29 years’ experience, recommended they consider a more appropriately-sized roller manufactured by Wacker Neuson and arranged a machine demonstration with sales representatives from the manufacturer. DeLuca & Hartman Construction’s past experience of reliable service with their old Wacker roller resulted in their desire to stick with the brand and to take advantage of the newer features provided by the Wacker Neuson RD12, stating that production of the RD12 in the U.S., is important also.

With their new RD12 roller, Paul & Mario Jr. believe it will enable them to more aggressively pursue new business in that they can do more jobs and have added capabilities to offer potential customers.  In addition to parking lot asphalt repairs, DeLuca & Hartman will use their new RD12 roller for landscaping; to complete stonework or in preparation for sod or other hardscape. Mario Jr. commented that they can do more now that they have a new and reliable roller, “Wacker Neuson knows how to build a good compactor”. Paul and Mario Jr. anticipate that the new Wacker Neuson RD12 roller will last at least 20 years, just like their old Wacker WHK90L roller. It is changes like this that will help them realize new revenue opportunities and contribute to the success and bright future for the landscape, snow services, parking lot maintenance and utility services construction firm.