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Child’s play: Machines in use for a new playground in Hamburg, Germany

New from the old – to make space for new playground equipment, the company Hohenberg was commissioned to dismantle the existing playground in a neighborhood in Hamburg-Osdorf, Germany.

3000 m², 15 people and one 5-ton excavator: These are the key data of the ambitious redevelopment project of the ASKÖ Trendsport, a cycle club with over 80 members specialized on BMX and MTB. An enthusiastic member says: "In 2011 it was time once again to attempt a major redevelopment. Wacker Neuson's excavator really helped our cyclists with this project. The very compact 50Z3 enabled us to work between the lines that already been constructed without causing any damage. Moving earth and also compression were simply child's play, even though none of the cyclists or builders had any previous experience with construction machinery. The operation is very intuitive."

World-renowned grounds
11 years ago, the members of ASKÖ Trendsport started to create dirt jumps on the original race track, built in 1983. Over the coming years, many trails have been built, which are very well thought-of and also well known in the cycling fraternity all over the world. The ground made its name mainly through the annual international "adidas eyewear - Austrian King of Dirt" contest.

Compact excavator 50Z3
Wacker Neuson's compact excavator 50Z3 has made many young sportspeople happy: With its large, quiet engine, its agility, the good all-round vision and the comfortable cab it turned out to be the perfect piece of equipment for this project. Thanks to the "Zero Tail", the 50Z3 more than lives up to the term "compact".

The design principle that lies behind "Zero Tail" opens up new possibilities: The engine is mounted laterally. Tanks and valve control block are in the rear end. That enabled a construction without tail swing and, at the same time, produces a very spacious cab. This creates a comfortable working environment for the operator and reduces fatigue.

The range of Wacker Neuson's excavators includes 16 excavator models with operating weights between 800 kg and 14 tons. The machines are made in our production plant in Linz, Austria, where we also produce dumpers and skid steer loaders as well as excavators. The machines are marketed in Austria by Wacker Neuson's distribution company in Vienna, which operates altogether seven service points for sales, service and rental.