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  • City of Phoenix takes garbage removal seriously

    Municipalities are always looking for more cost effective and efficient ways to handle garbage and bulk waste pickup. Phoenix, Arizona is no exception. As the sixth largest city in the United States with a population of about 1.5 million people covering 516 square miles, garbage collection is not taken lightly. It’s a big job for the city’s department of public works.

  • Wheel loaders are the best choice for snow removal

    Wheel loaders are extremely versatile machines because they can go from dirt work to snow removal as quickly as the snow can fall. For contractors and landscapers who face constant climate changes, wheel loaders are ideal for moving all types of material including snow.

  • Pump Selection- When moving liquid there are many pump options to choose

    Pump applications can be far reaching … from the general construction dewatering job, to flood control to unique applications in the fishing and recreational industry. These varying applications suggest that contractors and landscapers need to have basic pump knowledge regarding the type of pump needed for their particular job. With such a wide range of pumps available selecting the correct pump for the application is important. The most common pumps available are trash, dewatering, diaphragm and submersible pumps. Each of these pump styles are designed for different applications. Centrifugal trash and dewatering pumps are very versatile and are among the simplest and most efficient.