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Wacker Neuson Premium 2 Stroke Oil

Wacker Neuson Ultra Performance 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a semi-synthetic oil that meets or exceeds a dual rated JASO FD/TC-W3.
Wacker Neuson two-cycle engine oil contains extra detergents to protect against deposit build up, without sacrificing lubrication or film strength. Further, the synthetic additives provide extra lubrication protection. The result is a heavy duty two-cycle engine oil that burns cleaner while preventing deposit build up and maintains engine peak performance

Wacker Neuson Premium 2 Stroke Oil Advantage

With so many oil products available, it is hard to know which product is best for your machines.
Wacker Neuson Premium 2 Stroke Oil has many advantages over the competition.

  • Fuel Stabilizer/Oil Mix: Helps prevent fuel varnishing, which clogs carburetors and helps prevent water condensation due to ethanol blends.
  • Detergent Additives: Helps prevent carbon buildup inside the engine and will cleanse existing buildup from prior use of poor quality oil.
  • Red Dye: Allows dealers to verify the use of correct oil.
  • Meets all requirements for Wacker Neuson 2 stroke engines; rammers, breakers and cut-off saws.
  • Competitively priced with other premium oils.

See The Difference

Wacker Neuson 2 Stroke Oil
After 1,000 hours
Competitor Oil
After 1,000 hours

Wacker Neuson Premium 2 Stroke Oil was specifically developed for two-stroke engine applications used in extreme operating conditions where the engine operates for extended periods of time, resulting in possible carbon and deposit build up under high heat conditions. Under normal two-stroke engine operating conditions, where the engine RPM changes on a regular basis, the two-stroke engine will undergo thermal shock, in which the engine temperature varies. 

This thermal shock will help break loose carbon and other combustion deposits, which if allowed to build up, will result in possible pre-ignition problems, loss of engine performance and premature engine wear.  Most two-stroke engine oils are designed for these ‘normal’ operating conditions.

Typical Properties Specification Wacker Neuson Two-Cycle Engine Oil
Typ Vis @ 100C, cSt10.9
Typ Vis @ 40C, cSt64.34
Typ VI145
Typical API Gravity @ 60F27.7
Density - pounds/gallon7.401
Typical Pour PointF -42C
Flash open or closedClosed
Typical Flash PointF 73C
Color(Visual) Dark Red (0.350)
Typical MoisturePASS POP TEST
Calcium(via ICP) ppm:0
Phosphorous (via ICP test) ppm:0
Zinc (via ICP test) ppm:0

This product is specially formulated to protect against carbon buildup and to meet or exceed ISOEGD & JASO-FD specifications


Wacker Neuson Premium 2 Stroke Oil can be used for these products: