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We have the skid steers you rely on. And a whole lot more.

When faced with a big job, do you think skid steer first? 
Think again. 

And let’s talk about what will really improve your efficiency. 

Not every job is a skid steer job. To get the most revenue from your equipment, you need to use the right equipment to get the job done in the most efficient way. Every time. That’s why we’re here with more options.

Imagine an all-wheel steer loader that can move horizontally.
A powerful 48-inch articulating wheel loader that fits on sidewalks and in other tight spaces. A telescopic wheel loader 

that can tackle tough digging jobs. And, of course, the skid steers you have come to rely upon…because sometimes it is a skid steer job.

Now, imagine that every machine works with every tool you have, so you always have the right machine. That’s the idea.
And it’s happening now. 

At Wacker Neuson, we offer a wide range of machines that help you be more efficient on every job and make the most of every equipment investment you’ve made or will make. To get the answers and equipment you need, just ask us-that’s all it takes. 

Think Wacker Neuson.

When every attachment fits every machine, you’re ready for more.

You’ve invested heavily in heavy-duty tools for the toughest jobs. Now, you can make them work harder and smarter by pairing them up with the right machine for every job. With the Wacker Neuson Universal Attachment Plate, every tool you own will work on every Wacker Neuson machine- even if you purchased the tools from someone else. 

View our attachments here »

More capabilities. More machines. More gets done.

Investing in machines that deliver more flexibility is about more than efficiency. It's about being ready for every opportunity that comes your way. Which is why we make a full line of loaders designers for tight spaces, tough loads, fuel efficiency, speed and more - so you always have the right machines for the job.