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Wacker Neuson launches material handling campaign

Think about all it takes to complete the job, and then select the best equipment for the job. That is the main message of Wacker Neuson’s new material handling campaign. The manufacturer of wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and compact track loaders wants contractors to select the machine that is best for the job. For many jobs that might be a skid steer, but think again. It might be an articulated or all wheel steer wheel loader.

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In North America, skid steer loaders are the staple item of the trade. We have added a line of highly productive skid and track loaders to our product portfolio that meet and exceed the demands of our dealers and their customers. Wacker Neuson offers the broadest line-up of compact loaders in the market, with every machine having the ability to accept skid steer attachments. We want to enable contractors and dealers to select the right combination of equipment and attachment for the job to get it done quickly and economically.

The key to versatility on all Wacker Neuson loaders is the universal attachment plate. This means that every tool a contractor already has or intends to purchase will fit on any Wacker Neuson loader, be it a skid steer, compact track loader or wheel loader. When the right tool is paired with the right machine, imagine how more efficiently the job will be completed.

To bring awareness to these choices, Wacker Neuson is promoting material handling machines through an integrated media campaign with the company’s extensive contracted dealer network. 

Before you think skid steer, think again.