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LBS 110M Technical specifications

Luminous flux  110,000 lm
Lamp type  Metal Halide
Lamp output  1,000 W
L x W x H (operating state, without anchoring cables) 1626 x 1422 x 2616 - 5283 mm
Diameter (balloon) 1,000 mm
Height (balloon) 700 mm
Height balloon max 5.28 m
Height balloon min 2.62 m
Operating weight  42.5 kg
Weight shipping 49.2 kg
Operating temperature min -25 ° C
Operating temperature max 40 ° C
Voltage  120 V
Operating current  9.15 A
Frequency  60 Hz
Cable length (ballast to electric power supply) 3 m
Cable length (balloon to ballast) 7 m
5 meter height of the light point corresponds to RSA 95 (directive for safety of workplaces at streets).

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