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Concrete technology

  • The high cycle/high frequency internal vibrators with integrated converter offer a high level of operating comfort and maximum flexible handling. The internal vibrators can easily be connected to any conventional outlet without the need for additional accessories while maintaining the same high rpm and compaction quality.
  • Wacker Neuson’s modular HMS system allows you to easily choose between a combustion engine or electric motor and add the appropriate head and shaft to meet your specific concrete vibration needs and job site requirements.
  • Three work steps in one: You can spread, strike off and consolidate concrete with the wet screed from Wacker Neuson. The motor-driven wet screed is easy to operate, suitable for all types of concrete and is available in various lengths.

The right concrete technology for every concrete application

It is only through the right concrete technology that concrete as a building material unfolds its full flexibility. Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials of our time. A circumstance that can be attributed not least to its highly flexible applicability. Due to the many ways in which the properties of concrete can be varied through its specific composition, there is hardly a structural requirement that it cannot meet. Its strengths range from particularly high compressive strength or fire resistance to resistance to chemicals. 

At the same time, concrete is also an extremely interesting material from an architectural point of view because it can be cast into the most diverse shapes. Buildings such as the German Federal Chancellery in Berlin prove this and show concrete in its probably most beautiful form. The high flexibility of concrete as a building material also has a positive effect during the construction phase. This is because both the processing properties and the speed of hardening can be influenced by an appropriate composition. For example, a fresh concrete with high flowability can be mixed for the construction of filigree components, or a concrete with high early strength can be produced for spraying out tunnels.