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An interview with Hugo Arce, Regional President Latin America, on Wacker Neuson and “his” market

As Regional President, Hugo Arce has been responsible for the Latin America region sales and services at Wacker Neuson since February 2015. In addition to the affiliate sales offices in Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, Hugo and his team are also responsible for dealers in all Latin American countries.

Tell us something about yourself.

I was born in Lima, Peru, studied mining in Peru and then earned a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. I have been associated with the construction industry for more than 20 years and held various positions in the Andean region of South America, Central America and the Caribbean before I joined Wacker Neuson in 2015.

What are your main tasks and goals?

In Latin America, we want to strengthen the Wacker Neuson brand, increase sales and gain market share with healthy financial results. With these objectives in mind, we are working to consolidate the regional structure so that appropriate support can be given to each branch and country. This includes the strengthening and expansion of the distribution network, especially in the field of compact machines, the expansion of our service offering with new tools and financing solutions, maintenance and repair services, the aftermarket, as well as the optimization of our internal processes, to mention only a few points. The region consists of 34 countries and 11 overseas territories with very different conditions and requirements to be taken into account when implementing the objectives.

Do you have a favorite Wacker Neuson product?

That is not an easy question to answer if one is aware of Wacker Neuson's extensive portfolio. I would definitely like to mention the rammers. In Latin America, the word rammer (apisonador in Spanish) is synonymous with Wacker Neuson. The history, quality, and trust that our customers bring to us through their experiences with the rammers make this product very special. All customers and users know our rammer and it has become an engine for the growth and brand awareness in Latin America. I would also like to emphasize the compact excavators: in them, we combine engineering and quality to create a versatile and very efficient machine.

"The brand's outstanding reputation, our history, the high quality of the machines and Wacker Neuson's strong financial position are an ideal combination for penetrating the Latin American markets."

Hugo Arce, Regional President Latin America

Wacker Neuson stands for reliability. How is this demonstrated in your everyday work?

The reliability of our products is characteristic, they are really first class. Reliability also means the appropriate and individual advice from our employees and partners. We are here for our customers and provide solutions that fit their needs. And reliability means that also in the aftermarket, we are a fast and accessible partner.

What do you associate with the brand values of passion, trust and solutions?

Each of our values in the chain of added value helps our customers to feel the Wacker Neuson brand: from research and development to production, consulting and sales or administration - the commitment and passion of all employees support our brand and make it sustainable. We can provide the best possible solution for every customer requirement.

What does the slogan "Wacker Neuson – all it takes!" mean to you?

For me, "all it takes" is a promise to our customers and partners. No matter what challenge a customer is faced with, Wacker Neuson is its partner and will find a solution in a co-operation where trust is to the fore.