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EquipCare - Make your machines talk

The communication between man and machine used to be limited to a few "phrases". A detailed conversation though would be much more useful and could save time. Just imagine your machines would automatically provide you with information such as: Where is the telehandler right now? Does the wheel loader have too long down times? And, isn't the excavator due for maintenance soon? Where did the vibratory plate already compact?

This is now possible with EquipCare. Via the EquipCare Manager and the EquipCare app, the solution developed by Wacker Neuson offers access from anywhere to a variety of functions such as location determination, remote diagnosis, or utilization rate of your machines, thus ensuring transparency in fleet management. With EquipCare, the machines report in all by themselves – if maintenance is required, if there are low fill levels, operating malfunctions, or unexpected changes of location, and many more. And all this in real time on cellphone and PC.

For these machines equipped with EquipCare our EquipCare Dual ID is available as an option. This is an electronic access control. Thus, you can precisely define who can operate your machines, increasing security on your construction site.

Reduce the stress level on the construction site:

  • Knowing what's going on: If a machine fails, the technician tracks the error codes even before he leaves the shop for his way to the machine
  • Coordination: The appointment with the service management takes place via chat.
  • Avoid unnecessary ways thanks to remote diagnostics: order specialists and spare parts as needed right away.

A new level of fleet management:

  • Optimal capacity utilization of the vehicle fleet by complete location determination and recording of operating time.
  • Increased runtime and service life thanks to proactive communication with your machines, announcements when a maintenance interval has been reached and warning function when the machine leaves the defined geozone.
  • With the help of machine management, the life cycle of each machine can be easily surveyed.

Optimum compaction control with Compamatic

The Compamatic function can also be used in the EquipCare Manager. It connects compaction control with Telematics, supporting you optimally in this way in your daily work. With Compamatic, you can trace the success of your vibratory plates’ compaction at any time from your desk.

Compamatic helps you plan construction site processes better and ensure quality.

The Compamatic module is easily fixed to the vibratory plate. It transmits the location and compaction data of the machine via mobile communications to the EquipCare Manager. Compamatic is available as an accessory for our vibratory plates with Compatec from 80 – 110 kN; with the coupling set, Compamatic is included in the standard components.

Please note that the range of functions offered may vary depending on the specific product and country. It is possible that the contents/products shown here may not be available in your country.

The App

All signs and signals that may indicate possible failures are listed and sorted here in meaning and urgency so that you or your service partner can react quickly.

All events are displayed here in detail - from the error message to the maintenance performed. Important information for your technician!

Connects your team to the machine. Via push messages you will receive all the information in the Message Center of your smartphone for all machines that you follow. Uploading pictures is also possible. In the event of a failure, you can save valuable time in coordinating the measures!

Do you want to keep a focus on a machine or an entire machine group? The "Follow" function supports you. For example, if you define a certain radius of movement (geofence), you will immediately receive a push message on your smartphone as soon as the machine leaves this area. Construction site tracking has never been so easy!

The Manager

The „FLEET OVERVIEW“ provides you a generall overview of your entire equipment fleet. You can communicate with a defined group via chat about a specific maschine. The history of the conversation will be stored in the system. In this part of the system you can also set up the connection to the app. Images of the construction site can be included in the chat.

"EQUIPMENT DETAILS" shows an overview of the status of a specific machine. Statistics of daily operation times as well as error codes, alarms and due maintenance cycles are also shown here in detail.

You want to integrate EquipCare into your systems?

We also thought about that: If you wish, you can order our API interface and synchronize your ERP system quickly and easily.


„For the first time I do have a real overview of all the compact equipment of my company.“
Robert Schmidt, Site manager

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