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WL52 Technical specifications


Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor manufacturer  Deutz
Engine / Motor type  TCD 2.9 L4 S5
Cylinder  4
Engine performance  55.4 kW
at rpm Maximum 2,300 rpm
Displacement  2,900 cm³
Coolant type  Water / charge air
Emission standards stage  V

Electrical system 

Operating voltage  12 V
Battery  95 Ah
Alternator  95 A


Operating weight  5,100 kg
Tipping load with bucket - machine straight  3,949 kg
Tipping load with bucket - machine at angle  3,416 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork - machine straight  3,055 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork - machine at angle  2,555 kg

Vehicle data 

Bucket capacity Standard bucket 0.85 m³
Traction drive  Hydrostatic via universal joint shaft
Axles  PA1400
Drivers cab  Cab
Speed (optional) 0-20 (30) km/h
Speed Level  2
Standard tires  405/70 R 18 EM ET0

Hydraulic system  

Driving hydraulics - operating pressure  450 bar
Operating hydraulics - operating pressure  220 bar
Operating hydraulics - discharge capacity  73.6 l/min
Operating hydraulics - discharge capacity (optional up to) 115 l/min

Filling capacities 

Fuel tank capacity  82 l
Hydraulic oil tank  66 l

Sound level 

Guaranteed sound power level LwA  101 dB(A)
Specified sound pressure level LpA  78 dB(A)

DOC = Diesel oxidation catalyst

DPF = diesel particulate filter

Tipping load calculation according to ISO 14397-EN474-3

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